Sentiment Analysis Platform ZimGo Free for Universities

By: Danielle Wirsansky, Florida State University

ZimGo, a sentiment analysis platform, was just released by BPU Holdings, a private Korean corporation that “makes social networks better and search tech smarter, empowering the individual as the center of the connected universe, while protecting privacy.”

They recently announced plans to offer free licenses for the platform to university development partners in Korea and the U.S.

“It is time to unleash the power of young college developers on the potential for sentiment analysis, machine learning, and the ZimGo platform,” stated Oh Sanggyoon, CEO for BPU Holdings.

“ZimGo is already ahead of very large competitors with its advanced features. Bright young minds can help us explore applications the world has yet to think of for natural language analytics and deep learning leveraging big data.”

While Zimgo has only initially been released in Korean, English and Japanese versions will soon be available in limited beta release. Those interested in joining the Beta may enroll for the beta at

The Zimgo platform’s potential is still growing as applications for Law Enforcement, HealthCare, Politics, Government, and Education are being explored.

“This kind of social analytics empowers people to make more informed decisions as they seek to deal with the flood of social interactivity and manage their tribe while protecting privacy,” stated Craig Burton, legendary technologist, advisor and BPU technical strategy leader.

Scholarships sponsored by BPU will soon be available to students at participating universities.

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