The Care Package Your Student Needs for GRE Prep

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By Elana Goodwin, Uloop

Studying for the GRE is hard work and may cause your student to feel some anxiety as they hope to do well enough on the test to be able to apply to grad school with those scores and not have to retake the test.

While there may not be much you can do from afar to help them study, sending them a care package will show your support and be useful too! Here is what you should include in your care package to help your student with their GRE prep.


Most college students love and value their caffeine — and it may be something they depend on while juggling studying for the GRE and keeping up with classes and coursework. Include some coffee, tea, energy drinks, or espresso beans in your care package for your college student to intake while prepping for the GRE.

If they have a certain flavor or brand of tea or coffee that they really enjoy, send them that, as they will likely appreciate your care package even more. The caffeine you mail them will be instrumental in helping them study for the GRE and definitely will not go to waste. You can also send them a gift card to Starbucks or their favorite coffee shop in your care package so they can treat themselves to coffee during their studying or take a break and go enjoy some caffeine.

School supplies

Students may have the school supplies they need for the semester but not enough or the right materials needed for GRE studying. Sending different school supplies in your care package, like notecards, highlighters, sticky notes and tabs, pencils, ink cartridges, etc., will help them with their studying. Moreover, this way they will not have to go out and get these types of supplies for themselves!


Studying is much more productive and delicious when there are snacks. Your student will appreciate your care package even more if you include some yummy snacks like Rice Krispies treats, homemade cookies, cereal, mints, gum, candy bars, crackers, Twizzlers, etc. You can mail healthier snacks for increased productivity, sending foods like trail mix and granola bars, along with ready-to-make classics like instant oatmeal, hot cocoa, and popcorn packages.

Water bottle or travel cup

Staying hydrated is super important and something your student may neglect if they get so involved in GRE studying. You can make it easier for them to drink by sending them a water bottle or thermal travel cup so they can fill and refill it whether they are at home or on the go with whatever beverage they are craving.

You can even buy them a water bottle or travel cup that shows their school spirit by purchasing one that has their college’s name or emblem on it online. Your student will get a lot of use out of the beverage holder not just during their time studying for the GRE, but after it as well.

Stress relief

Prepping for the GRE is stressful, especially when your student is doing it while attending classes, doing readings, and keeping up with other assignments. Consider sending them some stress relief items to show you understand the pressure they are feeling and want to help them feel less anxiety. You can send them a stress ball as an outlet for what they’re feeling, some meditation or yoga tapes, a nice scented candle, a bath bomb, or some other items that will help them decrease stress and take a few minutes for themselves to breathe and relax.

GRE prep materials

There are many books out there devoted to GRE prep and helping students study and get ready for the test. Consider purchasing a good prep book or a few and including them in your care package to your college student. They may think they can do all their prep online or think they do not need to buy a prep book but sometimes it is easier and more beneficial to study from a physical copy of the book — and they will appreciate you wanting to help them study by buying a GRE book for them.


Sometimes a student needs a little inspiration and motivation. Consider including some type of encouraging item in your care package. It could be a little piece of office décor that says “you can do it” or “never give up,” a notebook that says “you got this,” a mug that says “like a boss,” a cuff bracelet with an encouraging quote on it, etc. Every bit of encouragement is helpful and appreciated so consider sending a little cute motivational piece in your care package.

Sending a care package to your college student while they are studying for the GRE will make them feel like you are supporting them from afar and trying to do whatever you can to help them study productively — so consider including these types of items in your GRE prep care package for them.

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