Tips for working with a college essay coach

By Lucy Ewing

Essay coaches can help streamline and focus the process of creating essays for college applications.

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If your family decides to go this route and retains a coach, it’s appropriate for your student to take the lead the rest of the way. Here are some tips your student can follow for a productive and positive experience.

  • DO plan ahead, at least one month from submission deadlines
  • DON’T expect last-minute “saves”
  • DO consider the best meeting location
  • DON’T invite distractions or interference from well-meaning supporters
  • DO come prepared with prompts from schools and a schedule of deadlines
  • DON’T waste ten minutes of the session retrieving information from college websites
  • DO keep an open mind about what you might write about
  • DON’T come with a finished essay unless you’re open to a complete rewrite
  • DO remember that you want to reveal the unique side of you
  • DON’T use your personal essay as a duplicate resume
  • DO take responsibility for the process
  • DON’T expect the coach to be your voice (or typist)
  • DO approach the meetings as an opportunity to grow as a writer
  • DON’T interrupt or rush the coach in a quest to get it down and done
  • DO expect at least three meetings: brainstorming/quick writes; first draft review; final draft review/planning for supplemental pieces
  • DON’T expect to have extra pieces reviewed, back and forth via email, at no fee (the same goes for 15-minute debriefs with parents in the hallway)
  • DO give the coach a courtesy update email, call, or thank-you note upon your college decision

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