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Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time

Thank you to all the parents who joined us as we asked the experts at Admissionado your parent questions. We covered topics for parents of current seniors, as well as those earlier in the college preparation process. Missed the chat? No problem! You can view the conversation at the bottom of this page, or check out the Google+ event and open the Q&A app to browse the conversation by question here. (Need help opening the Q&A app? Instructions are available at the bottom of this page.)


Meet the contributors

admissionado-lauren_herskovicLauren Herskovic received her BA in Secondary Education from the University of Michigan. Upon graduating with honors, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in Journalism. Within nine months of joining COED Magazine, she was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of the company’s new online magazine, There, she managed a staff of over 100 writers and editors. Under Lauren’s leadership, CollegeCandy’s operating budget was cut in half and the readership grew to over one million. Her success story was featured in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan magazine and more.

Lauren joined Admissionado as Director of Operations in June 2011, and has since grown into the role of Chief Operating Officer. At Admissionado, Lauren manages Admissionado’s team of Ivy League mentors and Essay Specialists, while also working one-on-one with students and parents to help them navigate the (often overwhelming) college admissions process. And whenever she can find the time, she keeps herself busy eating her way through the city of Chicago, one (large) bite at a time.

admissionado-stephen_blackWhen someone told Stephen Black, “Only geniuses get accepted to Harvard,” he thought, “I’m no genius, but I might as well apply.”

Growing up with a public school education in New Jersey, Stephen was raised to work hard and pursue his passions, but he never figured it would take him to the Ivy League. The acceptance letter to Harvard came as a surprise, one that would change the course of his life over the next four years. Mr. Black has deep experience mentoring students one-on-one, and he’s always game to share his expertise with an even larger audience.

Stephen is proud to bring his insights to Admissionado where he often speaks about what it takes to get into a school like Harvard. “You don’t need to be a genius,” Stephen advises, “but you need to have a killer application.” And if anyone knows precisely how to create one of those, it’s Mr. Black.

admissionado-jon_frankJon Frank is a natural, talented leader. What kinds of projects does he lead exactly? Pick a field, any field.

While at Brown, Jon gravitated quickly to real estate development – or as he puts it, “building things.” Early in his career, he learned the art of financial engineering at ING Clarion in New York City. He next ventured into the world of developing affordable housing in Cincinnati, managing new developments, leading project teams, and doing some good for the world along the way.

Jon’s next stop was at Harvard to receive his MBA. Turning down offers to attend Stanford, Kellogg, and other elite programs, Jon dove headlong into HBS’s courses, extra-curriculars, and developing an unusual (and questionable) obsession with the film Multiplicity. HBS also provided Jon with the opportunity to conduct a full orchestra, directing an original musical production with a budget of $80,000.

Today, Jon’s focus is on helping students get access to the same educational opportunities that launched his career. He has helped thousands of undergraduate and MBA aspirants over the years, offering sage and earnest advice to each. Through his work, Jon draws heavily on his own broad base of personal successes. But perhaps his greatest asset is the care and attention he gives to each of his clients. A pragmatist, a prudent strategist, and aspiring musical director—all bundled into one—Jon Frank is the ultimate example of a balanced and eminently approachable expert.


Watch the event

View the livestream below, or watch on the Google events page here.

Browse by Question

If you just want to see the answers to the questions that interest you, you’re in luck. You can see a list of the questions we asked, and click on a question to jump to that part of the video, from the Google events page.

Open the Question and Answer app on Google+1. Open the event page, and click on the video to play the chat.
2. In the top right corner, click the menu button that is 9 boxes arranged in a square.
3. Choose the Q&A app.
4. The questions will appear on the right hand side. Click any question to view that section of the video.

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