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6 Summer Jobs Your College Student Should Consider

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By Victoria Robertson, Uloop

As a parent, you want your students to be successful. In fact, it’s one of your highest priorities. That being said, a lot of your student’s success is out of your hands the second they leave home. So where does that leave you?

While you may not be able to force them down the path you want, you can suggest options to them to ensure they’re considering all the opportunities available to them, and I promise, there are plenty.

So next time they come to you for advice or guidance, you will have information that can help them to move forward with their professional lives. For that reason, here are six summer jobs that your college student should consider.

1. Camp Counselor

Camp counselors are always needed in the summertime, and it’s one of the best jobs for a college student to put on their resume. Camp counselor positions require a multitude of skills that employers look for in their entry-level candidates, so arming your students with those skills before they leave college is of benefit to them.

These skills include, but are not limited to, organizational skills, time management, leadership and dedication. It’s not an easy position to take on, but it’s one that your students are going to utilize in their professional careers.

2. Customer Service

This includes just about any, part-time positions (serving, retail, food industry, etc.), and it’s so essential to most careers. In just about any position a student will take on, they will need to have some level of customer service experience. So while you may not think that McDonald’s job is going to be helpful in terms of professional development, dealing with customers on a daily basis will do wonders for their experience.

So don’t count out those part-time positions; doing something is better than nothing and some customer experience under their belt is going to set them apart from the competition or, at the very least, prepare them for the professional environment.

3. Catering

Not many students opt for food industry positions, as they certainly aren’t glamorous. That being said, working in the food industry is yet another position that will provide your student with plenty of experience in a multitude of areas. They likely won’t refer to the food industry position as their favorite, but they will be thankful for the experience they now have under their belt.

Plus, there are always food industry options available to them, and even the potential to continue on with the company when they return to school in some cases. So it’s an option that you don’t want to count out.

4. Unpaid Internships

If your student isn’t in a position in which they need financial support, unpaid internships can provide them with some of the most pertinent experiences when it comes to their professional development.

So they aren’t going to be filling their bank accounts, but they will be gaining experiences in the field of their choice, which is going to do wonders for any job applications they submit. There are also paid internships to consider if you can find them, but don’t rule out unpaid internships if they are a financial option for your student.

5. Volunteer

Again, this isn’t going to be an experience that pays. That being said, there are few college students that regularly volunteer, which means that having extensive volunteer experience to bolster their resume is going to set them apart from the competition.

Habitat for Humanity and other national organizations have summer programs that students can take advantage of. Otherwise, they can also consider local options when it comes to volunteering so they don’t need to leave home, but can still gain some much-needed experience.

6. Nanny

Whether babysitting on weekends or working as a full or part-time nanny, this is a job that you may think of as a “teenager’s job” but that will actually prove your dedication and maturity. While they won’t likely have any transferable, tangible skills to gain from this position, your student will have some more, intangible and important skills that they can use to bolster their resume for their job applications.

Plus, many parents are looking for assistance over the summer while their children are out of school, so these jobs are plentiful, meaning it won’t be too difficult to come across one of these positions.

Your student’s success is entirely dependent on their ambition, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t assist them in their professional decisions. By paying attention to these six jobs, keeping them in mind next time your student asks you for advice, you can provide them with experience that will be helpful to their professional careers.

So check out these opportunities, listen for others, and provide your student with advice whenever possible, because they most definitely appreciate the assistance.

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