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DRC Introduces “Say Yes To Dallas”

By Tamiera Vandegrift, Florida State University

By a show of digital hands, how many of your students know exactly where they want to live and work after they graduate from college? Obviously, I can’t see your raised hands, if you even decided to raise them at all just to humor me.

However, I’m willing to bet that not too many of your students have an exactly structured plan for their life after graduation. Trying to map out the course of your life post-graduation is difficult, stressful, and even a little terrifying. The fear of remaining unemployed with thousands of dollars in student debt is a very real fear for many students, but what would you say if I told you about a location offering over 500,000 jobs, excellent compensation, diversity, and a gorgeous artistic and cultural sector of the community? You might say, “Yeah, right,” but I think you should encourage your student to say yes. Say Yes to Dallas.

According to a recent press release, Say Yes to Dallas is a national, multi-level, multi-channel marketing campaign created by the Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC), a company working toward strengthening and developing the city of Dallas to become a wonderful place for Americans to start careers, continue careers, raise families, and otherwise live a wonderful life all under the Texan sun.

The Dallas community has experienced a substantial growth in business opportunities, corporate relocations, and an increase of jobs. Since 2010, over 75 companies have moved to Dallas while hundreds of others have spread their operations to Dallas. This has created over 500,000 new jobs for citizens of Dallas to have!

To keep this trend going, the DRC created the Say Yes to Dallas campaign to reach out to the millennial population and encourage them to seek careers and lifestyles in Dallas. In order to do so, the campaign will work with partner companies’ in-house recruiting executives, social media marketers, and more to ensure that their new website,, will get as much attention and coverage as possible.

Recently, the DRC released a national survey to get a grasp of what the millennial population is looking for in terms of a career, a home life, and a communal lifestyle. According to the results received, Dallas has everything that the millennials surveyed highlighted as their desires, including a competitive pay scale, convenient living locations, progressive culture, and ready access to nature.

In order to better advertise everything that Dallas has to offer prospective residents and/or employees, the Say Yes to Dallas website will offer a wide span of information from cost-of-living calculators, features on Dallas lifestyle and leisure, testimonials from millennials living in the area, and a jobs portal.

So if your student is at a complete loss for what they want to do after graduation, have them check out the campaign’s website. They might just find themselves saying yes to a future they’ll fall in love with.

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