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Enhancing Education. One Student Starts Business to Supplement Classroom Learning

“I started a business for the cost of one class.”

Boulder, Colo- College students are always looking for ways to enhance their education.  CU Boulder Junior, Jess Saba, is no exception. In the fall of her sophomore year Jess noticed a way to supplement her theoretical classroom discussions with real life experience.

She started a business.

At CU Boulder, and over 700 campuses across the country, students are required to use classroom response devices to help instructors take attendance, poll student instantly and give extra credit points.  With over 850,000 i>clickers sold in the US, jess noticed an opportunity.

Jess created The Clicker Sticker, decorative adhesive decals designed to help students personalize and differentiate their remotes.

Since students frequently confuse their i>clicker with those of the 30,000 other identical i>clickers on campus, The Clicker Sticker was designed to help ensure students can readily identify their remote.

The Clicker Sticker is considered a “dorm room” company. A company started by a student in school to solve a common campus issue.

Saba says, “The greatest thing about starting a company while in college is that I have access to invaluable resources and opinions. I have marketing meetings with my friends and use their opinions to make my product more useful.

“I am able to seek advice from law professors, business professors and advertising professionals on campus. Many students are willing to help me because they are interested in using my business as a learning tool for their education. My friend in a computer science class even offered to build my website for free. The support and creative ideas are incredible.

“ The other great thing is if I fail at this stage, I still get to eat! I am not worried about supporting a family. I get to take a problem I have, solve it and use the process as a learning experience. This summer I employed myself and spent my time making cold calls, writing marketing literature and negotiating deals. I have learned to start a company, run the company and build the company in less than a year. I couldn’t ask for a more educational experience.”

The Clicker Sticker is a company started by Jess Saba. The product is currently being sold at nine locations across the country and online at

About i>clicker:

i>clicker is one of the most widely used classroom response systems in higher education, adopted at more than 700 educational institutions in North America and used by almost 1 million students. Invented in 1997 by four University of Illinois professors, i>clicker’s current design was made available for adoption in 2006 and continues to be recognized for its superior reliability, intuitive software, and focus on formative assessment and pedagogy. Together with a team of faculty advisors and reviewers, Inventors Tim Stelzer and Mats Selen continue to play lead roles in product development – with a focus on ease-of-use and pedagogical research. i>clicker is a division of Macmillan, a global publishing company with a long history in education. For more information, visit

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