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Go Back to School to Grow Your Career

by Tiffany Rowe

Everyone has different career goals and timeframes they’d like to achieve these goals by, whether that’s becoming a top CEO by 40, leading a team of 15, earning $80k per year, being continually challenged, retiring by 55 or something else. 

However, regardless of what you want to achieve in your career in time, it’s important to be proactive and keep finding ways to make your dreams come true. No one will hand things to you, so you must take the steps to achieve each goal by the deadline you set yourself.

While there are many different strategies to get you to where you want to be, one that works for many people is further education. This might mean finally going back to school and getting an undergraduate degree, like you’ve been meaning to for years, or heading back to university to enroll in post-graduate studies such as an MBA degree, a counseling master’s program online, a Ph.D. in education or something else.

No matter which field you’re in, you’re sure to find that obtaining another qualification will help you in your career. Your employer might even contribute financially to your program or allow you time off to study since you’ll be bringing new knowledge and skills back to the company. Read on for some top ways that getting educated will help you advance.

Increase Your Job Prospects and Security

For starters, once you have that all-important piece of paper, you should find it much easier to land jobs. After all, there are many roles that actually require you to have a qualification of some sort (or additional post-graduate certification) before you can even be considered.

Even if it’s not an essential component, keep in mind that most employers like the idea of hiring staff who are more qualified than others. They know that having a degree not only gives you practical skills in your area but also means you can commit to something long time and are not afraid of hard work.

Plus, when it comes to job security, people who hold degrees often find they have more stability. For instance, if the economy suffers or if a company has to downsize for another reason, management often look at qualification levels when deciding who to keep and who to deem redundant.  

More Interest From Key People

Another big benefit to be enjoyed from completing a degree is that doing so can help you to attract more interest from relevant people. For instance, if you need to find an investor for a new business or get approved for a loan from a bank or other provider, having a qualification will help support your application. Investors, in particular, like to put their money into business founders who have shown they’re interested in learning and developing and who are open to listening to the opinions of others.

As well, when it comes to generating interest from potential employers, having a degree can help. People typically take those with qualifications more seriously and see them as experts in their fields.

Learn Practical Skills and Get Career Support

Of course, one of the most obvious reasons you should look into going back to school to grow your career is by completing university studies you will gain access to top minds on subjects related to your field. You’ll learn about all sorts of important general and niche topics, have the chance to use equipment and other helpful resources at the university and learn about the latest developments in your industry. 

Universities also provide helpful career support. For example, most degrees include the opportunity to get some work experience via internships or other work placement programs. Plus, you may receive support such as being introduced to relevant employers in your area and getting assistance with writing resumes, interviewing and the like.

These days, no matter what kind of job or career path you’re interested in, you’ll no doubt have a lot of competition. You can help yourself to stand out in your field, earn more money and enjoy more perks and opportunities if you obtain qualifications sooner rather than later.  

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