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How to Help Your Student Find On-Campus Jobs

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By: Madison White, Uloop

On-campus jobs are great for students because they’re usually flexible with class schedules and provide a work environment close to the place they already spend most of their time. But with so many students and so few jobs, what’s the best way to help your student find an on-campus job?

Fortunately, universities have programs and offices whose sole purpose is to help students find jobs. There are also other resources your student already has that could really enable them to find an on-campus job. You may just have to remind them!

Look around

As college students, it’s assumed that they’ll already be on campus for a large chunk of time regularly. They probably hang out in the same spots: the library, the student center, and their department floor. If they spend significant amounts of time in these areas, it might a good idea for them to work there. Many places post flyers and notices of employment around these areas.

If there are bulletin boards or posts that frequently have new papers popping up, encourage your student to pay attention to any possible job advertisements. Many students will pass these notices by in a daze on their way to class. By just opening their eyes and looking, your student will be able to find more opportunities than they expect!

Go to the career center

Luckily, many universities have career centered offices that exist solely to help students. If I was a student looking for a job or preparing for a job, this is absolutely the first place I would go. They have skilled workers who specialize in helping students. When new opportunities become available on campus, they’re probably going to be the first to know.

Your student could also request that they forward any incoming job advertisement emails in their area of interest to them. If your student already has a job in sight, they also usually look over resumes and help prepare students for interviews. These centers are the place to be for student employment and they’re frequently underutilized; don’t let your student miss out!

Look for (and use) a campus job website

Many universities also use specific job sharing websites just for employment on campus. Sometimes the things posted are resources for existing workers, but sometimes advertisements for jobs pop up too. I know that many employers will post job openings to websites — and definitely their university website — before posting the position on flyers or opening it to the public.

Sometimes, these websites allow students to make one profile and submit that to multiple openings at once so it’s even easier than applying individually! As a student, they should already have access to a website like this, so encourage them to find out what it is and how to use it! If they’re serious about finding an on-campus job, this should be the website they’re constantly checking in with.

Practice with peers and professors

If your student has been able to secure a connection to a job opening, suggest that they look to the people they know for advice. It’s possible that their peers have experience in similar areas. It’s also very likely that their professors have even more experience with working in the university. They would have lots of helpful tips for your student if they’re willing to ask for help.

Remind them that even though they’ll probably already do great in an interview, it’s always a good idea to talk to someone else about it and furthermore, practice what they’re going to say. Being prepared — whether on paper or in person — is crucial to really standing out amongst a group of applicants. While it isn’t always easy to ask people for help, they should know that it could really increase their chances at landing the job.


Above all, one of the best ways to find jobs on campus is to ask the people around. All of my part-time jobs since starting university have been through the college. Most of these jobs I found through word of mouth. You can simply mention that you’re looking for an on-campus job to your friends and they may already know of openings. If they work on campus as well, they can be a vital resource in really securing you a new job. It’s also worth it to email or talk to your professors that might run programs that are looking for new students to hire. Simply asking around and talking to people about finding a job on campus is probably the best way to go.

With these helpful tips, your student should have lots of ideas of where to start looking. Locating their resources is the first step, but putting themselves out there is the next! As their parent, remember to be supportive during the tiring process of job hunting; your student will really appreciate it.

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