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Job Search Tips: Getting past the gatekeeper

Many members of Generation Y are pounding the pavement right now — trying to land a deal in that entry-level sales position or trying to get their foot in the door at that dream company (okay, for some any company actually). But, roadblocks are inevitable. The most frequent being the assistant, the gatekeeper, who won’t let you talk to the hiring manger, the decision maker, etc.

So how do you get around the gatekeeper roadblock?

There’s a little secret not everyone knows, but should. It’s common sense really, and it all stems from what your Mom taught you as a child — the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you,” and the classic expression, “You’ll attract more bees with honey.”

In other words, don’t discount the gatekeeper.

It’s pretty basic, but not something that comes instinctually to everyone. Think about it. You like to feel important and valued, right? Well, so does she/he. Gatekeepers must get tired of always answering calls, coordinating schedules, accepting gifts, etc. all for someone else, never for them. And, worse still, they usually bear the brunt of anyone’s frustration with their boss or company.

If you keep that in mind, along with respectful acknowledgment of how much power gatekeepers actually possess, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to make him/her your ally.

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Story courtesy of Sharalyn Hartwell, Generation Y columnist for the

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