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How to Guarantee Your College Senior Gets a Great Job

By Emily T. Porschitz, College to Career Coach

Many of our coaching clients come to us late in their senior year of college or after graduation. They claim they were “too busy” to think about career prep during the school year, but we have found that their resistance stems from a lack of confidence and knowledge about how to dive in and get started.

While we are thrilled to work with these clients, and applaud their willingness to seek support during one of the biggest life transitions they’ll ever go through (from college into career), doing this work at the VERY END or AFTER college is a tough starting point.

For most recent graduates, it’s not as easy as they think it will be to land a job soon after graduation.

They may get jobs eventually, but the process can be very bruising.

Way too often, young people settle for jobs that they are significantly over-qualified for because they are desperate to land something.

The statistics for college seniors are very worrisome.

Only 1 in 5 college seniors graduate with a job in place

For the rest, the average time to find a job is 3 to 9 months after graduation (this represents a lot of lost income!). 

Despite the huge cost of college, most higher education institutions are not stepping up to help their students beat these odds.

  •         Career planning is not a central part of most major’s curriculums.
  •         The average career services administrator serves 1765 students!
  •         Only 1 in 6 college students find their career services offices helpful.

We think that seniors who insist they don’t have time to plan for their career have more of a mental block than an actual time block.

We know that they are stressed and worrying about getting a job throughout their senior year – whether they are working on it or not.

If they can get in motion with individualized support, they CAN fit career planning into their schedules.

8 Easy Things College Seniors Can Do To Get a Great Job 

  1. Start early. Students who start earlier and squeeze career prep into their schedule organically tend to have a much easier time and are actually less stressed.
  2. Talk to their professors about their future.
  3. Chat with the guest speaker that visited their seminar about career possibilities – and later email them a follow-up.
  4. Do informational interviews with people in their field of interest.
  5. Have a great resume ready to show to new connections.
  6. Go to the job fairs on campus and network with confidence.
  7. Apply to jobs they are qualified for.
  8. Practice interviewing so that they can make clear connections between a job description and their experience and skills.

Guaranteed Job Search Success

LaunchingU guarantees their College to Career Coaching Services for motivated college seniors. Because we know that starting early and spreading the work out throughout the year gives seniors such a strong head start on their career, we have designed a coaching program that helps college seniors get a college worthy job before or shortly after graduation.

We work closely with them throughout the year, helping them define their career direction, build their network, create great materials, learn to interview effectively, create a plan and eventually negotiate their first job offer.

If these clients follow our program and don’t have a job within 3 months of graduating we will refund their money or continuing working with them free of charge  –  entirely their choice.

While this guaranteed program is not a fit for all seniors, we are happy to customize a coaching program for any college student or recent grad.

Read more about LaunchingU’s college career coaching guarantee, call (603) 398-7278 or email at [email protected] for a free introductory planning session.



About the Author:

Emily T. Porschitz is a Career Coach with LaunchingU, which provides Career Coaching for College Students
& New Graduates.

LaunchingU’s mission is to prepare college students, new graduates and early career professionals to launch their careers in a way that leverages their talents and interests and teaches them career transitioning skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Porschitz is also an Associate Professor at Keene State College. She earned her Ph.D. at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst where she received the Stanley Young Memorial Award for her dissertation research. She has also received a B.A. from Vassar College and M.B.A. from Plymouth State University.

Before graduate school, Emily worked as a recruiter in the IT industry, and in Human Resources and Recruitment in the construction industry. Her research interests currently include the careers of young professionals and she has published in book chapters, journal articles and presented at international management conferences on this topic. She teaches in the areas of Management and Organizational Behavior, and is passionate about teaching and working with students and young professionals to help them launch their careers. Along with her academic publishing, she has written for local and New England publications as well as USA Today. She lives with her son in Keene, NH.

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