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The Best Summer Jobs for Your College Student

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By Brittany Loeffler, Uloop

The summer vacation for a college student can feel extremely long, especially if your student plans to sit around the house all summer long. While college classes keep students busy, summer gives them the opportunity to work and make money that they normally cannot during the school year. There are plenty of summer jobs for college students out there. Some may be in the career path they are headed down while some may just be a good time. Either way, summer jobs are essential for college students to teach them responsibility, money management, and keep them busy during the summer.

Retail Associate

While the rise of online shopping can’t be denied, there is definitely still a need for retail associates in actual stores. The opportunities are endless when it comes to working in retail. Your college student can even apply to work for their favorite store and receive an employee discount so they can buy the products they love.

There are some seasonal retail jobs that become available in the summer as well. If you live near a popular summer vacation destination, it would be a great idea for your student to apply to local businesses that may need help.

Restaurant Server

Working in a restaurant will make your student appreciate what hard work is actually like. Being on their feet for so many hours and learning customer service skills will impact their outlook on servers when they go out to eat. While the hourly wage for a restaurant server is minimal, the tips can really add up. Depending on the restaurant, your student could make a few hundred dollars in just one night.

If your student is looking to move away from home for the summer, they may want to consider moving to a beach or summer vacation town to apply for seasonal server jobs.


Summer vacation means parents are looking for ways to watch their children while they go to work every day. This is the perfect summer job opportunity for college students. Every day your student can babysit someone’s kids and learn valuable life skills. Your student will learn how to be a caretaker, how to handle children, and have a sense of authority. It is no easy task being a babysitter, but if your student likes to be around kids and has is responsible, it may be one of the perfect summer jobs for them.

Camp Counselor

One of the most traditional summer jobs for college students is working at a summer camp as a counselor. Depending on the summer camp, it could last all summer or just a few weeks. Not only will they get paid for their work, but they will also have a wonderful time making friends and great memories.

This is the perfect job if your student loves to work outdoors with kids and help organize events. The skills, such as working as a team, that they will learn will be extremely valuable once they are ready to enter the workforce after graduation.


While lifeguards look like they just sit around watching the water all day long, their job is actually pretty demanding and very important. If your student enjoys being outside all day and has a goal to get tan this summer, they may want to consider being a lifeguard. They will learn how to be disciplined and pay attention to important details. They will also form a sense of community and build a team with their fellow lifeguards during the summer as well.


If your college student is very career oriented, they may want to consider looking for a summer internship. While not every internship can pay their college interns, the experience your student will gain can put them a step ahead of other applicants when it comes to applying to jobs after graduation. If this is the case, try to be understanding and help when you can. Sometimes working at a summer internship may also mean your student needs to work a part-time job on the weekends or at night, which is where the previously mentioned summer jobs can be helpful.

Summer Jobs for Your College Student

Your college student may be tempted to lounge around the house all day or go out with friends all of the time while on summer vacation. Unfortunately, summer vacation in college usually means getting a summer job so that they can have money to spend during the year and start paying off their student loans. There are plenty of job opportunities out there in the summer, your student just has to go out there and look!

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