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Top 10 Companies and Jobs for Recent College Grads

By: Megan Johnson, Wright State University

You send your student away to college for one reason: to increase their chances of finding a great career when they graduate. The job search begins for recent graduates before they even apply for graduation, so getting them started as early as possible becomes important.

If your student is a recent grad looking for a job, encourage them to build a profile on LinkedIn, where companies post millions of internships and entry-level job opportunities. Students can build a profile on LinkedIn as early as their first year of college, and there is no reason to wait!

A recent press release described the most popular companies and entry-level jobs for college student graduates in 2016.

Most Popular Companies for Recent Graduates
1. Deloitte
2. EY
3. PwC
4. Amazon
5. Oracle
6. Accenture
7. Target
8. JPMorgan Chase
9. Insight Global
10. Lockheed Martin

Some of the most popular entry-level jobs for grads include a consultant, a business analyst and a customer service representative. See the full list below, including the median salary for each job.

1. Account Manager: $50,000
2. Software engineer: $80,000
3. Business analyst: $59,000
4. Customer service representative: $35,000
5. Administrative assistant: $39,500
6. Recruiter: $39,200
7. Consultant: $73,000
8. Investment Banking Analyst: $85,000
9. Graphic Designer: $36,000
10. Staff Accountant: $50,000

Direct your student to LinkedIn today, where they can browse entry level jobs, and get started on planning their career journey.

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