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Top companies for Gen Y employees

NBC Universal was named the number one company for Generation Y employees in a ground-breaking study conducted by Brazen Careerist, a Gen Y career site, and PayScale, Inc, leading online provider of employee compensation data.

While it’s common to create reports of employer desirability, the Top 50 Gen Y Companies report is the first of its kind to base the criteria solely on things that matter to Gen Y: fraction of Gen Y employees, gender balance, pay and the company’s “green” score, as determined by Climate Counts, a nonprofit organization that scores corporations on their climate impact and conscious consumption.

The criteria used for selecting the Top 50 Gen Y Companies report actually refutes a common misconception. It has long been thought that Gen Y’ers don’t really care about pay, that the other factors, like flexibility and “green” commitment are more important. The report illustrates this is not necessarily the case.

“Gen Y thinks salary is not a negotiating point. They expect what the market is paying because the data is available to the employer and employee,” said Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist, in a news release. “In the end, salary is very important. The Gen Y worker will quit if they feel the pay structure is unfair.”

With the current employment challenges, Generation Y has been one of the hardest hit groups. The Brazen Careerist Top 50 Gen Y Companies gives college grads guidance to target Gen Y friendly companies on their job search.

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Story courtesy of Sharalyn Hartwell, Generation Y columnist for the

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