Your Student Can Save on Course Materials with Cengage Unlimited

By Victoria Robertson, Uloop

Another semester is right around the corner, but the chances for money-saving for your college student are still present.

Cengage Unlimited, a textbook subscription service in its second year that includes over $230 worth of free learning services, as well as access to other resources to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond, is expected to save students another $100 million this academic year, totaling $160 million, according to a recent press release.

The service gives students access to over 22,000 products, which includes ebooks, online homework access codes and study guides, all at $119.99 a semester (or $179.99 a year). In this way, no matter how many materials students use, they are only paying one, all-inclusive price.

In addition, the service offers college success and career support through which students can learn time management skills, goal setting, financial literacy and much more.

Since launching in August 2018, the service has had over 1 million subscriptions sold, with sixty colleges and universities partnering directly with Cengage to make the subscription service available to students at a discount.

Cengage has also added another new partner: Dashlane, offering more money-saving opportunities, such as 1 month of Chegg Study Pack and 60 minutes of tutoring and 6 months of free access to Quizlet.

According to Michael E. Hansen, CEO of Cengage, “The affordability crisis in higher education isn’t going to be resolved overnight, but innovative, new models are making a difference when it comes to lowering the cost of course materials. With a Cengage Unlimited subscription, students put savings in their pockets, get a seamless learning experience across courses, and get unlimited access to quality content and tools for academic and career success.”

In the words of a student, University of Texas at El Paso student and Cengage ambassador, Alan Moya, says, “I personally make use of textbook rentals, study tools, the Career Center, as well as Quizlet and Chegg. I think Cnegage recognizes that in order to appeal to the next generation of college students, digital access to textbooks and course materials is a must. Cengage Unlimited is disrupting the traditional college textbook market by offering affordable and convenient access to textbooks.”

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