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50 Christmas Gifts For College Students

50 Christmas Gifts For College Students

It’s that time of year again. We’re searching for the perfect gift for our college sons and daughters. Here’s what’s on our list – and we checked it twice!

  1. Starbucks Gift Cards
  2. K-Cups & Keurig Coffee Maker
  3. College Sweatshirts
  4. Yeti Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

    Yeti Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

  5. Gas Stations Gift Cards
  6. Board Games
  7. Headphones
  8. External Battery Packs
  9. Microwave Cookbook
  10. Bluetooth Speakers
  11. Personalized Dog/Cat Picture Pillows
  12. Travel Blender Bottle
  13. Urban Shelf for the dorm room
  14. Be Totally Awesome Mug
  15. Home Chef Subscription
  16. Cozy Pajamas
  17. Fleece Blanket
  18. Smartphone Projector

    Smartphone Projector

  19. Pocket-Size Sriracha Bottle
  20. Funny Stress Ball  
  21. Funny Card Holder
  22. Laptop Backpack
  23. Oil Infuser
  24. Call Your Mother Mug
  25. Polaroid Picture Printer
  26. Blackboard Refrigerator
  27. Homestate Dishtowels
  28. Microwave Popcorn Popper
  29. Homesick Candles
  30. Tile Mate – Key Finder

    Tile Mate – Key Finder

  31. Custom Home State Pillows
  32. Philips Sonicare’s Toothbrush
  33. Phone Holder
  34. Patagonia Stocking Caps
  35. Professional Business Card Holder
  36. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps
  37. Deluxe Black Sports Duffle Bag
  38. Bottle Opener Sunglasses
  39. Amazon Gift Cards
  40. Funny To-Do Lists
  41. A Little Book of Confidence
  42. Meals in a Mug Cookbook
  43. Donut Warming Mug
  44. Mini Desk Vacuum
  45. Tickets to concerts
  46. FitBit Watch
  47. Amazon Kindle
  48. Manifesto Poster 

    Manifesto Poster

  49. Aquafarm
  50. Cash

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