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6 Best Things to Send the Student Studying Abroad

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By: Madison White, Uloop

When your student is studying abroad, you want a way to stay connected and let them know that you’re thinking of them even if you’re a world away. But what can you send when shipping prices are high and regulations are strict? Luckily, there are still a wonderful amount of options that you can send your student while they’re overseas.

1. Memories

Perhaps the best, easiest, and cheapest things to send over are small tokens and memories. Usually, these memories come in the form of photos. Because they’ll be studying abroad without any time or money to decorate, their room may look a bit bleak and desolate.

Indeed, your student could definitely need something to hang up to add a little life and hominess back into their space. Printing out and sending some of your favorite photos of your family, of previous vacations, or of them with their friends is a great way to remind them that they are loved even if they are very far away.

2. Candy

While sending things overseas comes with restrictions, there are a few ways around it. A normal care package or gift to your college student probably includes a lot of food. In fact, it may even include a lot of home cooked/baked food (the best kind). Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to send anything unpackaged overseas. Keep in mind that the larger items you send, the more money it’s going to cost you to ship it.

This is why sending some candy from home is such a great idea. Candy is generally small, packaged, and candy also varies widely from country to country. So your student’s favorite candy from home probably isn’t going to be available anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send them some to make their day! Sharing candy from home with others is also a great way for your student to make new friends on campus while abroad.

3. Office supplies

Let’s be honest, when your student was packing for study abroad, they probably weren’t thinking about all the practical supplies they were going to need. Their brain was likely on cooler, more interesting things like cameras to take pictures with and guides to take with them.

However, once they’ve landed, they might realize they’ve left some essential items at home. Or, possibly, some of these items were just taking up valuable space in their luggage. Some of these things might include tape, sticky notes, paper clips, pens and pencils, erasers, and highlighters. Of course, none of these things are particularly glamorous, but they may be much needed. They’ll probably thank you later.

4. Stress relief

Your student will likely be having the time of their life while abroad, but that doesn’t mean studying abroad can’t be completely overwhelming and stressful. Especially when they’re still trying to figure out where everything is, what to do, and which customs to follow, frustrations can run really, really high. Without the comforts of home to make everything better, try and send something that can ease their stress. Some small and shippable items might be stress balls or some bubble wrap to pop.

Bonus: you can also use the bubble wrap to package other items you’re sending! It’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Socks

When you’re a kid, socks are probably the lamest gift you can get. However, when you’re a college student who hates having to buy necessities, they might be the best thing. Especially if your student is studying somewhere that isn’t in a summer climate, socks become even more of a necessity. Your student is likely to be walking around on a daily basis and even more so when traveling which wears out socks quickly. Socks are also something everyone probably under-packs. Socks are easy to lose and easy to wear out, so send your student some socks and you will save their toes from some cold treks.

6. Encouragement

In my opinion, the best and most important thing you can send your student is simply a little encouragement. Even though studying abroad is wonderful, it’s also challenging, tiring, and sometimes frustrating. They’re doing a very difficult and admirable thing going to live somewhere else all on their own. If you just write them a simple letter reminding them of how much they’re loved and how proud you are of what they’re doing, it will really make a difference in their attitude. It will brighten their day and it will probably end up being something they keep forever.

Luckily, it is really difficult to go wrong when sending something to someone because everyone loves receiving mail! Whatever you choose to send your student, they’re going to appreciate the time and thought you put into doing something special for them. When they’re feeling lonely, a nice gift can really be just the thing they need to keep going.

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