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7 Ideas for Spring Break at Home

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By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop

Going off on a real vacation during spring break isn’t always possible — but that doesn’t mean your student has an un-fun spring break ahead of them. If staying at home during spring break is the plan, here are some ideas on activities to do during that time that your student will enjoy.

1. Go bowling

A fun activity that will kill a few hours on a spring break day is going bowling. With no real minimum or maximum amount of people needed, the whole family can head to the bowling alley or just you and your student for some one-on-one bonding time.

Bowling is fairly cheap and doesn’t really require any set of skills and is something that can be enjoyed by multiple people at once. Some bowling alleys even offer special rates or promotions on specific days, so it’s worth visiting your local alley’s website to see when the best time to go bowl would be.

2. Visit a museum

If your student enjoys art or culture, consider visiting a museum or two during their spring break. Your city is sure to have a few museums to choose from — from art or modern art to history and beyond — so spending a half-day or so at a museum would be an enjoyable way to pass some time. Additionally, to make more of a day out of it, plan to eat lunch out at a nearby café or restaurant with your student or do some other activity after visiting the museum that is close by as long as you’re in the area.

3. Do some painting

Is your student artsy? If they are, engaging in some painting during spring break may be a perfect activity. Look into where you can paint pottery locally or consider checking out if there’s an upcoming canvas paint night happening. Paint nights have become increasingly popular over the last few years and are a great activity to do with your student or to take the whole family to. Plus, whether you and your student paint pottery or a canvas, you’ll get to bring something home to enjoy.

4. Take in a movie or have a movie marathon

A great spring break activity, especially on a day where the weather’s not great, is to go to the movies. There are lots of great movies in theaters or coming out soon that you and your student can choose from.

Don’t feel like going to the theater or nothing you want to see? Consider having a movie marathon instead — pick a movie series, like “Die Hard,” “Fast and Furious,” “Toy Story,” “Harry Potter,” “Lord of the Rings,” etc., and watch all the movies in the series over the course of a few days. Your student deserves to mindlessly sit in front of the TV and relax and what better way to do it than with a full-fledged movie marathon?

5. Volunteer

Spring break is a perfect time to give back, and volunteering during spring break is a worthwhile activity you and your student can do together. Look into volunteering at a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, old-age home, or some other organization or event that could use the extra pairs of hands. Not only will you walk away feeling you both made a difference, but volunteering will also allow you to spend time together in a different capacity than you normally do.

6. Bask in the great outdoors

Take a walk or ride bikes with your student at a local metro park or nearby state park if the weather permits during your spring break. If the weather is still wintry despite it being spring break, perhaps going skiing or engaging in some other outdoor recreational activity like ice skating, sledding, tobogganing, etc. would be possible and a fun way to spend a day.

7. Get started on spring cleaning

While it may not be such a “fun” activity — unless your student loves organizing — doing some spring cleaning while your student is home from college is an endeavor worth considering. Chances are, your student has a room at home that has clothes and other items they don’t take or keep with them at school — and may not really need to keep at all.

Task your student with going through their stuff and throwing away old high school papers and such and making a pile of clothes that don’t fit or they no longer wear to donate. They can also assist you with doing some other spring cleaning tasks around the house as long as they’re home for spring break and have some time to spare!

Spending spring break at home can be an enjoyable way for your student to spend their school vacation — if you’re prepared to engage in some great activities available locally. Keep in mind these seven ideas for things to do during spring break with your student so you can spend time together and have fun, too.

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