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8 Tips For Moving Out

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By: Madison White, Uloop

Much like moving in, moving out can be less stressful if you take just a few key precautions. Most of these lie in just simple preparation and a little bit of ingenuity. Whether your student is preparing to move out of the dorms or an apartment, all of these tips will come in handy for making the move go as smoothly as possible.

1. Sell your stuff early

Chances are that your student has acquired a bunch of stuff over the months (or years) that they don’t really need or want anymore. Since they’re not fond of it, it doesn’t make any sense to move it if you’ll end up getting rid of it anyways.

If they have clothes that are still in good condition, consider selling them or donating them to charities. Other things may be given away to friends or even tossed out beforehand. Downsizing their stuff beforehand will save you a lot of headaches and backaches during the actual move.

2. Label your boxes

This one seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people forget to label their boxes. Without labeling the outside of your boxes, you and your student are going to end up with a huge mess of confusion once you’ve moved everything.

Searching for something you need will be a pain because you’ll have to unbox everything just to find it. Save some trouble and just label things clearly on the outside of boxes. You can use tape or just a sharpie. You could even go the extra mile and try a color-coded system by room or category. They’ll thank you later.

3. Don’t unhang your clothes (use a trash bag instead)

If your student doesn’t plan on having their stuff sitting around for a long time, it doesn’t really make sense to unhang and rehang all their clothes. It’s much, much easier to just tape or rubber band all the hangers together on the top and place a trash bag over the bottom portion of the clothes.

Then, once you’ve moved their stuff, it can really easily be hung back up and not take up space in boxes on the floor. Honestly, folding and separating the clothes won’t even save much space unless you vacuum seal them, so why bother?

4. Find alternatives to bubble wrap

Instead of spending a bunch of money on bubble wrap that’ll just get tossed in the trash, look for alternatives your student already owns to wrap up breakables in. Many soft things like sheets, towels, and even other clothes can really do just as great of a job at protecting items, and they don’t cost a thing while saving waste. It’s a win-win!

5. Take pictures of your room

If your student is really fond of the way they’ve decorated their space, advise them to take some pictures of it before they leave so that they can recreate it later. They might think that they’ll remember exactly how it looks, but after a stressful day of moving, they might be surprised how quickly they actually forget.

Taking pictures ensures that they’ll know exactly what their previous room looked like and forego future disappointment when trying to recreate it.

6. Pack an overnight bag of essentials

Let’s be honest, no one wants to unpack all of their things after a big moving day. Your student is probably going to be exhausted and won’t be happy about having to dig through boxes of stuff just to find the essentials they need. Advise them to pack an overnight bag full of some essential things like toiletries and pajamas so that they won’t have to go digging after they’ve moved. Nothing is worse than extra work after a long day of moving.

7. Have everything done before the help shows up

If you or your student has asked people to help them move, make sure that they know to be prepared once people start arriving. It’s extremely awkward trying to shove things in boxes while people stand around and stare at you. If they’re prepared and ready to go ahead of time, it’ll save everyone valuable time and energy in the end.

8. Move slow and early (if you can)

If their future place of residence is close enough and with a relaxed move-in policy, you might suggest that they move a little at a time rather than everything all at once. Make sure they start with some non-essential things like decorations and off-season clothes before moving to other things. Moving slowly creates less stress on the actual moving day and prevents having an overwhelming amount of stuff. Overall, it’s just helpful for everybody.

With these helpful tips, moving out doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, you may even be able to avoid the stress altogether if you’re lucky and prepared enough.

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