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Fun Summer Ideas for the Whole Family Before Move-In Day This Fall

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By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop

If you have a student going off to college in the fall, summer is really the last time you will be all together as a family without having to work harder to coordinate schedules or breaks to maximize time spent together. That means you will really want to make the summer count and cram in as much as possible — so here are some ideas on what your whole family can do together this summer before your student’s college move-in day this fall.

Take a family vacation

That means you will really want to make the summer count and cram in as much fun family activities as possible — so here are some ideas on what your whole family can do together this summer before your student’s college move-in day this fall.

If your schedules allow, is a memorable activity and great way to spend some time together before move-in day this fall. Consider hitting a major city, like Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago if your family likes city vacations or heading to a National Park like Yellowstone or Acadia if your family is more outdoorsy. It does not need to be an extravagant or super long vacation, though more power to you if you decide to take your family on an extended whirlwind adventure.

Even taking a short road trip, from just a day trip to spending one or two nights somewhere can be fun for the whole family. You can check out the shopping scene, local events, or the town’s main attraction for even just a few hours before turning around and heading home if you are doing a day trip. If you’re going somewhere for a few nights, you’ll want to do some more research and planning to really make the most of your time there and be sure you’ll end up doing activities the whole family can enjoy.

Do something together

If taking a family vacation together is not possible, or even if you do, doing something together more locally is a great and fun idea to do as a family this summer. You can head to the pool or a nearby lake or beach for some outdoor fun in the sun, take a hike in a nearby park, do some gardening in your yard, or ride bikes. If it is a rainy day or too hot to be outside, consider going bowling as a family, visiting a museum, catching a summer blockbuster in the theater, painting pottery, or taking a fitness class at the gym together.

Also, summer is the prime time for art shows with many different sorts of art festivals going on outside. Tents filled with artists’ paintings, jewelry, modern art, and more line various outdoor shopping areas, streets, and other venues pretty much all across different towns and cities in America at various times, which can be a fun family outing to take advantage of.

Further, you can even take a cooking class as a family, which will be helpful to your student going off to college in the fall as when they eventually live off-campus, knowing how to cook some dishes will be useful!

Throw a party

A fun summer idea for the whole family is to throw a party. You can pick a random weekend to invite family and friends over for a barbecue or potluck picnic or host a back-to-school/goodbye party towards the end of August to celebrate your student going off to college and your other kids going back to school.

Planning the party, getting ready for it, and setting up are all things your family can do together and it is an activity you are all sure to enjoy, no matter the occasion.

Engage in some summer cleaning

While not necessarily “fun,” unless your student likes to organize things, doing some summer cleaning as a family is a good idea, especially if your student is going off to school in the fall. Going through closets and purging items no longer worn, getting rid of older items your family no longer has any use for, and just in general cleaning up your house is something your family can do together.

With your student going off to school, this will also force them to clean their room and take stock of what they have and what they need before they move into college. Additionally, it is always fun when you stumble across some object or memory during cleaning, like a baby picture or favorite stuffed animal, that can lead to nostalgic reminiscing and childhood stories.

No matter how you choose to spend the summer with your family, make sure to make the most of this time you have together before your student goes off to college. Plan at least a few activities your whole family can do together as well as some other outings your college-bound student can do more one-on-one with each member of the family so everyone gets some quality time before move-in day this fall.

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