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How to Plan Student Holiday Travel Home

The holiday season is fast approaching! The weather is changing and the decorations are going up. Your student is deep in tests, studying, papers, and even preparing for finals. This is a stressful time for all students. How can you help relieve some stress?

Along with sending fun care packages and encouragement, planning their trip home will help take away stress. Here are some tips on planning holiday travels for your student.

Start Planning Holiday Travel Early

The biggest mistake when it comes to planning for traveling home is waiting. Prices rise and options become limited the longer you wait. As soon as your son or daughter knows their class schedule and finals week schedule, start looking at tickets!

Check Student Travel Discounts

Amtrak College Student Discount

Save 15% on Amtrak travel throughout the Midwest

Amtrak offers great discounts for college students. Airfare is often really expensive during the holiday season – and airlines very rarely offer student discounts! When college students all get out for the holidays at the same time, airfare is going to skyrocket. Amtrak has the solution.

With comfortable cars, spacious seating, outlets to keep them charged, and free Wi-Fi, your student will have a smooth trip home! (This is a great option for Thanksgiving Break since they can keep working on homework and studying while they travel!)

Plus, Amtrak lets you bring up to two bags for free. So, your son or daughter will have no problem bringing home everything they need. But watch out – this means they’ll be bringing home laundry! Check out more about why Amtrak is great for student travel here!

Leave Some Free Time

It’s common for students to want to head home immediately after their exams or last class. But the unexpected opportunity always pops up. Make sure to leave a bit of time when they are traveling home and on their way back to campus. This will help eliminate stress during finals when they know there is some time between finals and going home.

Plan Transportation to the Train Station or Airport

If your student is comfortable using Uber or Lyft, they can just catch a ride to the train station or airport that way. If not, Zipcar is a great option too. Also, don’t forget that your son or daughter’s school may have buses available that go to the airport or train station.

Make Arrangements for Your Student’s Car

If your student has a car on campus or at an apartment, they will need to have this in a safe place during the holidays. Finding a secure, inexpensive place to store a car for a month or so can take a while. It’s always a good idea to think of this ahead of time!

Coming home for the holidays can be an anxious time for students. For many students, this is the first time coming home in several months – maybe even longer! It can be hard on students and parents alike. This travel follows a very stressful time of school year – finals! Not having to worry about booking tickets or finding the best deals is the best way for you to help during this time and to welcome your student home.

With your stress and your student’s stress gone, the whole family is sure to have a wonderful holiday season. Now it’s time sit back and enjoy some long awaited family times!

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