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Our best ever, all new College Grad Gift Guide

Let’s begin by stating the blinding light of the obvious: cash is king. Expenses weigh heavily on the college graduate’s mind, balanced as it is between the end of one costly chapter and the beginning of another. But as parents, aunts, cousins, friends, supporters, or big fans, we want our gifts to be memorable. We want to impart a smile, a memory, an impression that transcends the customary and the obligatory.

So, yes, by all means give your grad some money. Benjamin Franklin is always delightful. Fifty dollars is a nice round sum. Whatever the amount, consider pairing money with something that endures. A few ideas, arranged by “major” majors: desk For the Agriculture Grad
AutoEec Gripmaster Car desk, $185
Ag grads tend to work out of their cars, road tripping from range to range. This secure car desk offers organization, AC power, and a nice writing surface.
up-grad lab coat For the Biology Grad
Tie-Dyed Laboratory Coat, $40
Your grad will make an impression in the lab or classroom with this tie-dyed lab coat. Think your grad is more buttoned up? Tap into the brain-focusing power of a lab coat in classic white.
up-grad giftcard For the Business Grad
Nordstrom Giftcard, $ varies
Building a business wardrobe is essential and expensive, making a department store gift card the perfect choice; it’s a one-stop source for a new dress, suit, silk tie or scarf.
up-grad writing For the Communications Grad
Leatherback Writer, $75
Like a communications major, this gift supports infinite career directions. Lovely and handy, it encourages frequent notetaking, giving your grad a rich source for any writing-based occupation.
up-grad shirt For the Computer Science Grad
Coded T-Shirt, $20
Parents, give your computer science major a coded reminder to visit early and often.
up-grad cooler For the Education Grad
Cooler Lunch Bag, $37
Teaching is a brown-bagging profession. A hip cooler bag will brighten every break.
up-grad beer making For the Engineering Grad
Beer Making Kit, $40
Some of the best beer-brewing staffs are filled with engineers, and so are most micro-pubs. Give your grad a diversion that taps her inventive skills.
up-grad coffee For the English Grad
Tassimo Mini Coffee Maker, $99
Fuel early morning and late night writing benders with this sleek single-serve coffee maker that fits nicely on smaller countertops.
up-grad geno For the History Grad
DNA Ancestry Kit, $200
Historians can discover their own background by participating in the National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project. This DNA kit reveals the migration paths of ancient ancestors and much more.
Spa For the Nursing Grad
Spa Treatments, $ varies
Nurses seem to take care of everyone but themselves. Give your hard-working nursing grad a day off at the spa.
up-grad book For the Psychology Grad
Letters to a Young Therapist, $10
Mary Pipher’s universally lauded book on the challenges and inherent beauty of serving as a therapist will inspire your grad no matter what direction his career takes.
up-grad paperweight For the Visual and Performing Arts Grad
Inspired Paperweight, $42
Keep them inspired with this lovely little paperweight as they pursue their dreams every day of the week.

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