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Simplify Graduation Weekend With A Home Rental

It’s finally here. After eight semesters, countless hours in the library, and no doubt a few calls home for some parental guidance… your child’s commencement weekend is fast-approaching.

But that doesn’t mean that you get to senior slide all the way to graduation day—there’s plenty of work that remains to make sure your trip to commencement goes off without a hitch.

If you’re looking to make things a little easier for yourself, here are a few ways that a weekend home rental for commencement can help…

Keep Your Whole Group Under One Roof

Sure, you can’t wait to bring all of the siblings, grandparents, two uncles, an aunt… along with any other family members who feel like making the trip to see your child graduate.

But as much fun as these big group outings can be, just finding a place to stay that will fit everyone in your party—let alone for an affordable rate—can be near-impossible as hotels begin to book up.

In many cities, hotel rooms during graduation weekend can triple (and sometimes even quadruple) their usual weekend rate. In South Bend, for example, hotel rates can more than triple their usual weekend rates…

Hotel Rates South Bend

Plus, even if you’re able to find multiple rooms in a hotel to meet your budget, you’ll lack a personal common space for your group to gather at the end of the night.

Renting a home for the weekend allows your group to not only save money on individual rooms for each member or couple in your party, but also stay under one roof for the entirety of your stay in town.

You’ll have spacious accommodations from trusted home owners, with a living room, common spaces, a backyard all to yourself—and can stick together all weekend long in your own private weekend residence.

Stay Close To Campus

Concerned about traffic and parking on campus? With a home rental, you can find houses walking distance from the commencement location, so you can park your car… and not even think about it for the rest of the weekend.

And don’t forget! With tons of events happening throughout the weekend, staying close to campus will allow you to pop home quickly during down moments for whatever you need.

So whether you need to shower, change, or just kick back and relax during the hustle and bustle of a weekend—being able to easily get to your accommodations without dealing with the congestion of a college campus during graduation will give you a huge leg up during your stay.

Worried About Restaurant Reservations? Don’t Sweat It!

One of the biggest concerns for any graduation trip is finding dining reservations around town.

With so many students and families getting in their last precious meals at those favorite local spots, restaurants start to book up; to say nothing of how expensive a full weekend of eating out can be.

But with a home rental, you’ll have access to a full kitchen and food storage area. You can stock up on groceries as soon as you get into town, giving you a solid back-up plan in case that local pizza parlor has a three-hour wait—and helping you to save a little money by not having to go out for every meal.

Plenty Of Availability—Even For Last Minute Bookings!

It may just be January—but, believe it or not, if you haven’t booked your lodging accommodations for this spring’s graduation… you’re at risk of falling behind the curve.

KnowsyMoms suggests booking your lodging at least one year in advance, else all the best spots get booked up… and you find yourself on the outside looking in.

The good news? Most home rental platforms have plenty of availability, even for last minute bookings.

At Rent Like A Champion, we’ve got plenty of availability for this year’s graduation in major college towns like South Bend, State College, Ann Arbor, and more!

So don’t scramble late, don’t settle for an overpriced hotel three hours away, and don’t let your group just head off into separate hotel rooms during this unforgettable weekend.

For more information about renting a home for graduation, visit Rent Like A Champion or give us a call at (855) 244-4263 now! 

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