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That perfect letter to your college freshman

It’s here…move-in day for your college freshman. How did it happen so quickly? Your heart is full and there is so much you still want to say, but time gets away as it always does.

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We’re delighted to share this perfect essay about “That Perfect Letter” by the fabulous mom writers at Grown & Flown who know exactly how this moment feels.

“You know those wonderful, heartfelt letters that moms slip into their kids’ camp bags or leave in college dorm rooms, the ones with wisdom and love that make lifetime momentoes? Yeah, well, I have never written one of those. Every time I hear of a wonderful parent who takes the time and care to compose such a missive to their college kid, I beat myself up for a few moments as a derelict parent. And then promise myself, next time.

And, as I am fairly certain in the rush to get my third son off to college I will once again fail to write that perfect letter, here is what I might have said, if I could get my act together.”

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