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Top 5 cities for a quick summer trip with your college student

When your student starts the adventure of college, time together becomes even more precious and scarce. Even in summer quality time can be hard to come by, as students juggle summer jobs and reconnect with friends, or live away from home for a valuable internship experience.

The solution? Give yourself the gift of time with your student by taking a quick summer trip together. Reconnect as you explore a new place together — your adventures (and misadventures) will create a wonderful backdrop for new memories and shared experiences. Not sure where to go? These 5 cities have plenty of features you and your student will enjoy. If you’re ready to say “yes” to a last minute vacation with your student, find hotels, flights, and rental cars using the button below or use the city-specific links in the article.

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Hotels in New Orleans5. New Orleans, Louisiana

Why we love it for a parent-college student trip: Take full advantage of the fact that your student is becoming an adult and coming to an age where they can fully appreciate the amazing food, music, and culture of New Orleans. If your music student has any interest in jazz, this is a place they simply HAVE to see. Check out the French Quarter, relax in City Park, and make sure to get a Beignet.  Consider going on a boat tour or renting a kayak or canoe.

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Hotels in San Francisco4. San Francisco, California

Why we love it for a parent-college student trip: San Francisco has everything students think of when picturing “summer vacation” and more. Hit the beach, drive up the coast for an amazing sunset, and sit in the sun with ice cream from the Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop. Surprise your student with a concert at one of San Francisco’s many venues or get some fresh air in Golden Gate Park.

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Hotels in Seattle3. Seattle, Washington

Why it rocks for a parent-college student trip: Coffee is the lifeblood of busy college students, and what better place than Seattle to spend a few hours relaxing in a coffee shop and having that long-awaited conversation to catch up with your student? Along with several engaging museums, Seattle has incredibly beautiful natural appeal between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Make sure to hit Pike Place Market and eat seafood while you’re there.

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Hotels in Orlando2. Orlando, Florida

Why we love it for a parent-college student trip: Chances are, like many parents, it feels as if your student is maturing at a mile a minute. Bring back the magic of childhood, and remind yourself and your student of the joys of being young at heart with a trip to Orlando. Universal’s Harry Potter World is of special interest to millennials, and Disney World is always fun. Don’t forget to let your engineering student explore the Kennedy Space center, take a tour of the Everglades with your budding biologist, or sneak in a trip to the beach.

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Hotels in New York1. New York City, New York

Why we love it for a parent-college student trip: New York city has a little of EVERYTHING, which makes it the perfect place for your student to introduce you to her newfound interests. Whether she’s newly enamored with the theater, learned to love sushi, or is suddenly fascinated by modern art, exploring New York will lead to great conversations with your student, and experiences she’ll never forget.

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