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10 Must-Have Dorm Room Safety Items


Parents are mostly primarily concerned about campus safety. While campuses give paramount importance on security from outsiders, dorm room theft remains an issue. Open-door policies, cash allowances, pricey personal belongings and valuable school items are quite inviting to the opportunist.

Students are better safe than sorry in terms of securing their college dorm stuff. This doesn’t mean putting themselves on lockdown either! Practicality and the ability to outwit anyone trying to steal right under your student’s nose is key to dorm safety. Send your child off with any of these inconspicuous thief-proof products to help keep you safe in college:

Best College Dorm Safe V5.0

Ten years of testing has produced the most reliable protective safe. Made of real steel, the best college dorm safe is built to last college years. Various accessories like watches, jewelry, and electronics are kept scratch-free on the rubberized shelves. It’s big enough to accommodate an 18″ laptop and comes with the ability to charge up gadgets even when locked!

Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Easy-open zippers make thieves’ lives easier. This bag has it all sorted out by keeping the zipper hidden from view, plus it has a secret pocket. A 14-inch laptop or slim 15.6-inch laptop, pens, phones and wallets go to each its own compartment. The anti-theft backpack goes beyond protection of personal belongings. It also prevents running out of battery on-the-go with the USB charge port designed to connect to a powerbank from the inside. Your student can travel and walk safely at night with the reflective stripe.

Locking Safe Bookshelf

A smart addition to your dorm supplies shopping checklist that will delight your son or daughter! Put it together or have your son easily assemble this book case that combines organization and protection. The bottom shelf can be securely locked to keep valuables safe, including important papers, binders, and laptops.

Locking Storage Box

Give your student the gift of peace of mind with a portable locking storage box. The Vaultz dorm chest is designed with dual combination locks and inclusive of security cables for tethering to a desk or bed. Personal and private items, along with prescription meds remain intact and organized within mesh pockets. Anything in the box will stay safe on campus.

Pillow Safe

Good sleep is linked to better academic performance. There’s nothing like sleeping soundly through the night lying on a pillow safe. Anything and everything that matters most are kept close, while safety and emergency items are kept within reach.

Anti-Theft Locking System for Monitor and/or Laptop

Take one worry off your back by ensuring that iPad, MacBook and any high-end expensive laptop safe and secure. Get a cable lock that sets itself apart from the rest with its 100% reliable cut-resistant twisted steel chain and two locking mechanisms. Opt for the combination or key lock to complement the 3M industrial adhesive that’s almost impossible to peel off, thereby effectively protecting devices in public places.

Bike Lock

All work and no play makes a dull life. Let your student enjoy the outdoors worry-free. This eco-friendly bike lock benefits both the earth and your child, who can have fun cycling, skateboarding, and getting fit using various sports gear. The heavy duty, high-performing steel shackle and double-looped steel cable boasts great strength and cutting resistance.

Revolar Instinct

Communication between parent and student is crucial in college days. Revolar makes it simpler while seeing to it that your son or daughter stays safe on and off-campus at all times. With a single button click, help will come faster than reaching out and trying to contact you via their smart phone. You’ll be notified about status and location when the need arises, using a safety device with year-long battery life to carry around for a couple of semesters.

First Aid Kit

Most students at their healthiest, but emergencies may be inevitable. A first aid kit is the closest you can get to keeping your child safe while away during college. This OTC medication + first aid supplies combo for college students is pharmacist designed for those new to self care. The DormDoc contains all they may need and instructions how to use them.

Tactical Flashlight

An LED tactical flashlight is one of the most useful products to help keep you safe in college. Gearlight is compact enough to fit in a student’s pocket, yet powerful enough to light an entire room and focus in on objects up to a thousand feet away! It’s not something to pull out only when the power goes out though, but can aid in self-defense to blind the opportunist, as a weapon, and for use in emergency situations.

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