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Checklist of summer wellness tasks

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Checklist of summer wellness tasks

Catch up on these health tasks with your student. (Tip: For best results, show your student how to schedule her own appointments. She may do a better job keeping up with her health over the school year if she takes part in managing things over the summer.)

❏ Set up a dentist appointment
❏ Get a sports physical if necessary
❏ Update any shots/immunizations
❏ Update eyeglass or contact prescriptions
❏ Find a pharmacy near the college and transfer any prescriptions
❏ Discuss fitness and healthy eating
❑ Check in about health insurance

  • Is your student going to remain on your insurance, or transfer to a university plan?
  • What information/proof of insurance does your student need to opt out of the university plan? When is the deadline?
  • Does your insurance provider cover physicians near your student’s university?
  • If your student is on university insurance, will that cover her during the summer or when she’s home for breaks?
  • Are the services at the university health center covered by a student fee or your insurance, or will your student have to pay out of pocket?
  • Does your student have a current insurance card?
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