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Consider implementing an emergency contact system between you and your student

Dear College Parent,

While your student is in college, have you considered an emergency plan?

* Who will contact you if your student experiences a medical emergency?

* How will the medical providers quickly track you down, and find the student’s health records?

Enroll now in ICE COLLEGE, a comprehensive emergency notification program for college students and their families.

ICE CONTACT USA is now offering coverage to college students and their families. ICE COLLEGE provides a comprehensive emergency notification program to college students and their families.

ICE [ In Case of Emergency ] In an emergency situation, emergency personnel are faced with on the spot decisions. When every second counts, emergency personnel need answers fast so they can quickly and effectively give you or your loved ones the medical attention they so desparately need.

ICE COLLEGE is here to assist emergency personnel on your college student’s behalf should they become involved in an emergency situation. ICE COLLEGE members can help themselves and emergency personnel by providing ICE COLLEGE with your student’s medical information and their emergency contacts.

“The need and desire is greater than ever for parents to have their college student’s necessary medical information and emergency contacts readily available”, said John Craddock, President of ICE CONTACT USA. “We are the number one emergency notification service in the world and we have fielded numerous requests to have our program made available to college students and their families.”

“In most families sending their kids away to college is the 1st time their children will be away for extended periods of time. Ensuring that their children are safe and protected in case of an emergency is obviously critical to all parents. And having to navigate through all of the privacy laws and HIPAA rules in times of emergency can be a very real challenge. ICE COLLEGE satisfies all of these concerns by providing needed medical information and family contacts when their student might not be able to do so if they are injured, unconscious or unable to communicate. We are very pleased to have partnered with UNIVERSITY PARENT GUIDE to extend our worldwide ICE coverage to college students and their families,” said Craddock.

Founded by British paramedic Bob Brotchie after the 2005 London bombings and brought to the USA in early 2006 the program has rapidly expanded to millions of members worldwide. Each ICE member is issued a unique ICE identification number that appears on all of the ICE forms of identification. The ICE COLLEGE student will receive an ICE Identification card, ICE Alert stickers, ICE Key Fobs, and ICE vehicle decals. By becoming an ICE College member you will be able to store up to four (4) emergency contacts, any pertinent medical information, religious preference, and donor request in our secure data base. ICE CONTACT USA has a call center that is maintained by highly trained professionals 24/7 365 days a year. All calls are authenticated to ensure the validity of the situation before releasing any medical information or attempting to make contact with the member’s emergency contacts.

“We are very pleased to be offering our ICE program to college students and their families. It literally can save your life,” said Craddock.

To enroll online and learn more about our program please visit our web site at and click on the ICE COLLEGE icon or call our toll free number at 1-877-JOIN ICE (877-564-6423).

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