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How to Stay Safe on Campus

Even though you may not be able to check in on your son or daughter as much as you’d like, reminding them of ways to stay safe on campus is one way for you to help from afar.

We’ve partnered with Umergency, the emergency app for college families, to share helpful Campus Safety Tips that you can share with your son or daughter to help keep them safe.

With 4.5 million ER visits every year for college-age students, most families will deal with an emergency, health or safety issue during their university years. Don’t wait to get that phone call in the middle of the night. Be prepared for anything with the Umergency App.

Campus Safety Tip: Share Your Schedule with Friends or Family

SUNY Orange’s Office of Safety and Security recommends students should, “create a buddy system by sharing their schedule with parents, roommates and close friends.”

This way, their buddy will know when to when to worry if they haven’t checked in, or arrived according to plan.

While they may not want to share every detail of their daily activities and plans, it is really important to share their schedule with at least one person. This is especially important if they’re going somewhere alone, or at night.

College Safety Tip

How to Share Your Schedule

For students to easily share their schedule with friends or family, there are several options.

  • Share a Google Calendar. Sharing a Google Calendar makes it easy for others to see your schedule, and you can designate if you want the details hidden, or if you want the “buddy” to be able to see all the details. To create a shared Google Calendar, first sign in to your account and display your Google Calendar. In the left column, click the arrow next to the name of your calendar. Then, click “Share this calendar.” Then, enter the email address you’d like to share with under the box, “Share with specific people.” Click here to learn more about sharing your Google Calendar.
  • Share an Outlook Calendar. To share an Outlook calendar with another Exchange user: On the Home tab, in the Share group, click Share Calendar. In the Sharing Invitation that appears, enter the person who you want to share with in the To box. Enter or select any other options that you want, just as if you were sending an email message. Click here to learn more about sharing your Outlook Calendar.
  • Use TeamUp to share your schedule. With TeamUp, you can share your calendar with one person, or create a group. Plus, they make it easy to customize who has access rights to which events on the calendar. They have several access options, including: read-only, add-only, modify-from-same-link to those that limit access to sub-calendars. Click here for more information on sharing your schedule with TeamUp.

No matter the tool you pick, just remember that sharing your schedule with friends or family is one way to stay safe on campus.

Umergency App

These Campus Safety Tips are brought to you by Umergency, the emergency app for college families. Umergency puts the power of information in the palm of your hand. Helping you navigate through any situation. Connecting you and your student with the most important local contacts. Pull up a map of nearby resources and keep your student’s insurance information and digital medical consent form securely stored right where you want it. It’s always ready to go… on their phone and yours! Download the Umergency App today on Google Play or iTunes.

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