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Oxygen Bars: Latest Trend for Reducing Student Stress

By: Danielle Wirsansky, Florida State University

Around testing time, your student feels stressed out and frantic. However, a new craze sweeping the college nation could help, according to a recent press release.

Many parents are unaware of exactly what the benefits are of an oxygen bar and how they can especially aid students. The largest oxygen bar manufacturer and rental company in the world, Airheads Oxygen Bars, has been providing oxygen bars to colleges, universities, and high schools for students since 1998.

The benefits of a 10-minute session at one of their oxygen bars include:

  • Healthful revitalizing oxygen
  • Stress relief
  • Benefits of aromatherapy
  • A social environment where students can interact with their peers
  • A unique photo opportunity to be posted on the social network

College is one of the most stressful times in life, with students frantic about making the grades and passing the courses that will help them to achieve their dreams. A trend has given rise of universities trying to help their students de-stress by providing such amenities as petting zoos and yoga sessions. However, oxygen bars have long had the largest draw for students.

To help students get to the top of their game, Airhead Oxygen Bars provide students the relaxing and stress reducing effects offered by breathing oxygen. They offer the added benefit of aromatherapy through the use of all-natural and organic essential oils with up to a dozen scents offered to the users to choose from that each have a specific function, like increasing focus or energy. Scents include lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

To book an oxygen bar from Airhead Oxygen Bars, whose slogan is “Breathing New Life Into Student Life Events!,” email [email protected].

Cover image by Andrew Hitchcock (Oxygen Bar) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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