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The Best Way To Feel Safe On Campus

How many times do you say to your son or daughter, “Text me when you get there?” If you’re like me, it’s all the time. Revolar has made these check-ins much easier for parents everywhere.

Revolar is the newest wearable technology that is “a small price to pay for peace of mind.” This device links to your student’s phone and your phone using a free app. Then you can choose up to 5 friends or family members as the Revolar contacts. When your son or daughter clicks the button, the message goes to all of these contacts.

The setup was much easier than I had expected. The instructions in the box were so helpful! The set-up only took a few minutes and it works wherever there is WiFi or cellular connection. Your son or daughter can check in whenever and wherever. When they send you a message, you will receive a text with a GPS map and you know what they are saying based on which message they send.

There are three options for checking in – green, yellow, and red. I think this is best used by creating a system with your son or daughter beforehand. The app will even let you customize the message you will receive for each signal. When my daughter first got her Revolar, we spent some time testing it out. 

Here’s the system we created for on-campus safety:

  • One click means “I’m just checking in”
    • When she’s going to a party or driving back to her apartment after a trip home, I’m bound to worry. I want to know she has arrived safely. This is a quick way for her to let me know she’s okay. Just because she has this, I am much more likely to feel comfortable with her going on these types of trips.
  • Two clicks mean “Not urgent, but please get a hold of me”
    • From hearing about a bad grade to issues with her roommate, this means I need to call her as soon as possible, but she’s physically okay. This is a quick system for us no matter what situation arises.
  • Three clicks mean “Urgent!”

What I really like about Revolar is how easy and realistic it is. My daughter can wear it on her shirt while she is jogging or put it on her key chain while she driving around town. I can even follow her on the map until she turns the signal off!

It is small enough that my daughter doesn’t have a problem actually keeping it with her. In fact, she’s told me that she feels much safer carrying it with her. Her favorite feature is the phone call. If she is ever in an uncomfortable situation, she hits the button twice and her phone will ring. Then she can “talk” on the phone for as long as she wants. She loves it!

For more information, check out Revolar’s website and their Facebook page.


Note: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.
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