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10 Reasons The Debt-Free College Guide Is For You

The Debt-Free College Guide” is an online course designed specifically to help students and parents avoid unnecessary debt and save thousands of dollars! These are the top 10 reasons why this course is a must-have:

  1. This course is specifically designed to help families save money! Afra, the founder of National Association of College Experts, stated that families who apply the learnings in the course are saving on average $10,000 a year per college student.
  2. FAFSA and the CSS forms are confusing! 85% of FAFSA forms are filled out with errors. Tiny errors that can cost you thousands of dollars. This course simplifies the whole process including how to properly fill out these financial aid forms to make sure you aren’t costing yourself extra money.
  3. The course is accessible for life! If you have several children, you can use this course for information every year – with up to date information every year!
  4. There are plenty of strategies even for current college students because every year is a new year of filling out and filing of forms for aid. And new information will be added for students and their families to save even more dollars.
  5. The course only takes 4 hours to take start to finish – but you can watch it as many times as you want! It’s developed in bite sized videos so that you can come back and reference it as needed.
  6. By signing up for this class, you also have access to a community of over 5,000 parents who help support fellow college parents – including college experts from NACE!
  7. The course is designed for parents AND students! Because many decisions must be made by the student, the whole family should sit down together and learn together.
  8. With the new changes to the 2017 FAFSA requiring 2015 information, it is important to make sure you understand all the new changes. This course goes step by step through all the new changes!
  9. There is no such thing as “No Help” for parents who make too much money. FAFSA has unrealistic expectations. There are still many ways to reduce the cost of college.   
  10. UniversityParent’s readers have a special discount for the course – only 17 per month! 

If you want more information and to take advantage this special discount only available to UniversityParent readers, then click the link below!

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