Managing Finances

Help your student avoid financial pitfalls

Gift for 100 University Parent subscribers: This is on a first come first serve basis and hope it helps your family open up the lines of communication with your children about ‘money’. Read below.

Don’t you wish you were taught about ‘money’ when you were a teenager? I do! I’m sure most of us would of liked to avoid those costly, stressful ‘money mistakes’. Although many of us learned through the school of hard knocks…we can make our child’s life easier.

There are simple things we can share with our children that can motivate them to save money, build their credit, avoid debt, start investing young and achieve financial independency & security.

Get the Money Smart Parent Video Now. Spend 54 minutes watching the video and share the simple lessons that you picked up with your children. They will thank you later.

1) Visit and the first 100 University Parents subscribers can enter the Coupon code: 10KPROMO (No credit card required) and receive this free.

2) You will then receive an email with your log in information so you can access the video and other tools.

You wouldn’t let your kids drive without drivers training…so don’t throw them on the ‘financial freeway’ without ‘money smarts’. Get your complimentary video now to see how YOU can easily help them avoid money mistakes and get your son or daughter on the fast track to achieving financial security.

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