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Top 7 Summer Jobs for College Students

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By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop

Summer is a much-awaited and important part of the year for college students. Not only does it usually mean a vacation from classes, but it’s an integral time to learn valuable skills, gain experience, and make contacts for the future, which is why it’s a good idea for college students to have a job in the summer.

Here are some of the top summer jobs for college students.

1. Server/Bartender

A great job for college students to look into for the summer is bartending. Since the hours typically start later in the day or in the evening, they can take summer classes, have some time to chill, or get another part-time job for during the day.

The pay for a bartender can vary depending on the bar, but they’ll likely make a nice amount in tips, which will supplement whatever the salary is. Plus, if they’re staying on campus or close to college for the summer, there are lots of bars nearby which means getting to their job will be convenient.

If your student is not 21 or wants more hours, being a waiter or waitress can be a good summer job as well. Again, while the starting salary may not be much, they’ll also earn tips, get some free food, and can schedule their shifts to work for them and give them some time to do other things during their summer break.

2. Nanny

If your student likes kids, being a nanny or getting a full-time babysitting gig can be a great summer job. Many families enroll their children in a day camp but after camp is over, there are still hours in the day where the kids will need supervision until the parents are done working.

A car may be helpful in securing a nannying job but if your student is going to be home for the summer or knows they’ll be sticking around campus, they can already start advertising their babysitting services and book a job for the summer.

3. Summer Camp Counselor

Did your student attend a day camp or sleepaway camp as a kid? If so, encourage them to apply to be a camp counselor this summer. Not only will they get experience working with kids, but they’ll enjoy their job and have fun, too!

Your student is more likely to get accepted as a counselor or be offered a position at a camp they have some history with as the people in charge may know them or know of your family, but your student can explore other camps that are also hiring.

4. Lifeguard

If your student likes to swim and would enjoy being outside during the summer, becoming a lifeguard would be a great summer job for them. They will need to take a lifeguard certification course, which will cost them some money, but they will then be able to work as a guard throughout the summer and year, even when they return to school.

Different pools will pay varying amounts and the number of shifts your student takes on will also affect their total payout but lifeguarding is definitely a top summer job for your student to consider.

5. Golf Caddy

Does your student love golf or being outdoors? If the answer to either one of those questions was yes, being a golf caddy for the summer would be a perfect job for your student. They’ll get to spend their days on the green and make pretty good money, in addition to having the chance to soak up some rays while they do it. To look for golf caddy opportunities, contact nearby country clubs or other golf courses in the area to see if they’re hiring caddies for the summer.

6. Office Temp

If your student doesn’t have a summer job lined up and isn’t sure what they’d like to do, advise them to look into listing with a temp agency for the season. Not only will they get to enjoy air conditioning, but they’ll also pick up office skills and connections, in addition to earning a nice, steady paycheck each week.

7. Intern

Internships provide invaluable experience, allowing your student to make powerful networking contacts that may help them when they go looking for full-time, permanent job opportunities in the future. Additionally, they’ll learn new and refine existing skills that will help their resumes stand out.

While a paid internship is obviously more coveted, even an unpaid internship has value to future employers, as it will still allow them to gain experience and develop a good relationship with a company that can provide a reference.

Though it may seem like spring just started, summer is actually just around the corner, so make sure your student doesn’t delay in finding and securing a job for the summer — and they can start by looking into one of the seven summer jobs for college students listed here.

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