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6 Care Package Ideas for Finals Week

The week of finals is stressful for any student. With late night study sessions and waking up early for finals, there is little time for sleep or breaks. This especially stressful for freshmen who are just starting their college careers. Parents can support their students during finals by sending quick text messages of encouragement, helping arrange their travels after finals week (it’s one less thing for us to worry about!), and of course, by sending fun care packages!

I asked my college friends what makes the perfect care package. We talked about what we had received in past years – and what we would like to see in future care packages. (Ahem, mom…)

Here are 6 of our favorite items for college care packages:

  • K-Cups of Coffee (If they don’t have one, you can order hereAs I said earlier, sleep doesn’t happen during finals week. And by now, students are tired of dining hall coffee. So this allows us to keep studying and still have a warm, comforting beverage to drink. Buy here for a special discount!
  • Slippers My mom sent me slippers in my finals care package during freshmen year. I never would have thought of this, but it was just what I needed. I was tired of my dorm building and wanted to be home. This was just the little extra encouragement I needed. Plus, even when I was pulling long hours of studying, I had my secret little relaxation right there. Buy here for a free shipping!
  • Energy Bars Alright, you see the theme here – sick of dining halls and having little time. What’s better than a quick healthy energy packed snack? Healthy College Snacks has the perfect healthy snacks for students to grab and go!
  • College Sweatshirts I was so excited when I finally got a sweatshirt from my college. It made me feel like I was finally a college student.The added bonus is that during finals week, college students basically live in sweatshirts. It’s the perfect gift. Look for your student’s college here for a special discount!
  • Letters and Pictures Above all other gifts, this is the gift all my friends and I agreed were our favorite. We love silly pictures from home. Dogs dressed up for Halloween? We need to see that. And little notes of encouragement from mom and dad? That will be hung on the cork-board for sure. Print your pictures and receive a special discount!

These surprises will be perfect for your student during finals week. On behalf of all college students, thank you and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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