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Keep calm and carry on!

By Diane Schwemm

The best thing we can do for our high school seniors — and ourselves! — during this late March/early April period when college decisions arrive fast and furious in mailboxes and inboxes is to stay calm.

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(Actually, this is the best approach to the entire college search and application process…)

I understand — from personal experience, as in my life this week — that it can be hard when our students might be having meltdowns and other parents are emoting in person or via social media. That’s why everyone at UniversityParent loves this post by nickmom:

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While you’re breathing deeply this week, remember the most important things:

  • Your student applied wisely (with your help) and will very likely end up with a couple of terrific “good fit” colleges to choose from.
  • Frank Bruni’s excellent essay in the New York Times states what we already know but sometimes lose sight of — it’s what we do at college that matters most to our future success, not where we go.
  • Where our students are (or aren’t) accepted to college is not a reflection of their worth, or of the quality of our own parenting.
  • Disappointment and rejection happen. Sometimes you just need to cry. Your student (and you) will make it through.
  • We’re fortunate. There’s so much to look forward to.

A final thought — we can be the change we want to see and take small steps to de-intensify the season. I don’t have to ask every acquaintance and their kid where they got in. I don’t need to trumpet my son’s news from the rooftops (or Facebook) when he and his dad and I can share privately with the people who actually care. (Which relates to something else I’ve learned from experience — if there’s a choice to be made, your student may not want absolutely everyone weighing in with an opinion, even if those opinions are well-intentioned.)

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