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The Best College Graduation Gifts

It’s almost time for graduation! Invitations have been mailed. Flights and hotel rooms have been reserved. (If not, book now!) Everything is wrapping up. The last task? Find the perfect graduation present for your son or daughter – and this can be tough.

We asked college parents what they thought about graduation gifts. Here are their top suggestions:

New Suitcases

New Suitcases

“These are great for college, military or just moving out for a job! It works for all situations!” 

Watches for Men or Watches for Women



A nice watch is important for every college graduate. Especially a watch that looks professional in a workplace! This is a great and long lasting gift.

Professional Suits for Men  and Professional Suits for Women

It’s important college students have professional outfits for interviews, internships, or even their daily jobs. This can be difficult for students to purchase themselves, but it’s a must have for every recent graduate.

T-Shirt Quilt

So many occasions in life are marked with t shirts: special events, teams, groups, competitions, sports, travel, clubs…the list is endless. Preserve these special memories with quilts you can treasure for a lifetime. Turn their t-shirts into a t-shirt quilt!

Personalized Stationery 

“For thank you notes for gifts, follow up to interviews. And a roll of stamps! Old fashioned but my son appreciated it!” 

HelloFresh Subscription

This is so helpful for graduates! Each week HelloFresh delivers beautifully photographed step-by-step recipe cards, with the exact fresh ingredients needed to create a selection of new recipes. This will encourage your son or daughter to eat healthier AND have some fun cooking too!

Money Tree

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees… This is great to put out at a graduation party and watch it “grow”. Put a $10 on a branch to get it started!

Leather Briefcase or Leather Handbag

As your son or daughter embarks in their career, a professional suitcase or handbag is important. Having a leather briefcase or leather handbag will last forever and is a great reminder of how proud you are of your son or daughter!

It’s Gonna Be Okay Journal

When you’re not available for a pep talk, make sure your son or daughter has this book. This comforting book is perfect for a pick-me-up anytime your grad is feeling down.


Stitch Fix Subscription

As students go into the professional workplace, this is so helpful! Stitch Fix learns what style of clothing your student is looking for and sends them boxes of clothes. Your student can pick what they like, and send the rest back. You’ll only pay for what is kept. This really helps student’s develop a professional wardrobe that they love! Stitch Fix has clothes for men and women.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

This book is classic for any graduation. To make this a super special gift, have your son or daughter’s friends and family sign the inside! It’s the perfect book to take into the next step of life.

Diploma Frame

Help your graduate show off their hard work! This frame will look great in an office or apartment.

Gift Cards

College students – and graduates – always appreciate gift cards for nice meals. You can’t go wrong with this gift!

A Family Trip

It becomes much harder after graduation to plan a family vacation together. If possible, use this summer to spend some time together. These memories will be great for the whole family!

Family Dinner

When we asked parents for the best graduation gifts, the #1 suggestion was a nice dinner celebration after graduation. Spending time together is perfect for parents and graduates!
From all of us at UniversityParent, congratulations graduates (and to your families)!

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