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5 Apartment Amenities Your Student Needs for Success

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By: Madison White, Uloop

As a parent, you would do anything to ensure your student’s success in college. But what should you be looking for that you can’t necessarily provide on your own? Finding housing and spaces with the proper amenities for your student is an essential process in creating the best university experience possible, but what exactly do students need for success when it comes to apartment amenities?

Some things to consider are the things that most students value already like the internet, apartment location, and social access. However, it is also wise to consider a few things that students are not as concerned with at the current moment. These could be things like quiet areas and cooking essentials. In this article, you’ll find some amenities to consider.

1. Internet access

Today, you can do very few things without internet access. With more and more universities opting for online classes over traditional ones, it might even be a necessity for your student to have internet access. Regardless of an obvious need for internet for researching, writing, and staying in contact with the school, the internet is key in establishing student relationship success as well.

Many ways to get connected on campus start with liking a Facebook page or emailing a group’s president. Without the internet, your student is likely to feel isolated and unproductive. A comfortable space without internet is hardly a comfortable space for any student at all.

2. Quiet space

While at first, the lively, party-central buildings will seem appealing and fun, the luster soon wears off as time goes on. Initially, students focus on things like socializing, but eventually, their studies begin to reign over their lives as the top priority. Naturally, to stay focused and productive, students need quiet and distraction-free places to work and study diligently.

If your student is constantly kept awake by noisy neighbors, despite their fun-loving intentions, they are doing your student a disservice. It can affect everything from their sleeping habits to their overall grades. It is better to choose a quiet place first and let them travel to more lively places when it’s time for socializing.

 3. Nearby fitness center

Because many students prioritize their studies, and rightly so, the upkeep of their bodies often gets left on the back-burner. Students will often resort to drinking loads of caffeine, staying up late to finish assignments, and only leaving their rooms or the library to drag themselves to class. Of course, this is definitely not a healthy lifestyle for anyone, especially a young student who needs to keep their mind sharp.

In fact, all their quick fixes for being tired will often leave them even more exhausted than before. By being near a gym, they’ll be more likely to drop in at least occasionally and refocus on themselves. It is a great way to relieve stress and maintain a mind-body balance. Plus, many fitness centers have organized groups, classes, and clubs so your student can have opportunities to stay in shape while meeting new people.

4. Tools for easy cooking

Students never seem to have enough time. Because of this, many students will try to cut corners on the amount of time some basic tasks take up. One of these is cooking. You want your student to eat as well as they possibly can, but realistically, they’re going to have to opt for some quick meals just to stay on top of things.

This means that quick and easy cooking tools are essential. Things like a microwave, freezer, pots and pans make cooking and feeding themselves less of a hassle. However, a positive could be that many college students don’t need many cooking supplies beyond the basic essentials, so you can spend your money elsewhere.

5. Proximity to campus

While maybe not financially feasible or even possible for your student to live on campus, keep in mind their proximity to the campus. Be sure to think about their transportation options and what will be necessary for them to get to campus each day. If you want your student to achieve success in school, remember that it is much easier for them to get out of bed for a two-minute walk than a 20-minute drive.

The closer a student is to campus, the more they can take part in on-campus events. Of course, if your transportation options are abundant, a place a little further away from campus could be a cheaper, safer, and better option. However, it is a good idea to check out the available housing close to campus before venturing further out.

Ultimately, having such amenities does not guarantee a student to do better or worse in their college career. However, knowing ahead of time what to look for can make all the difference in the end.

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