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The Top 6 Care Packages

If you’re like me, finding or making the perfect care package seems impossible. We want our sons or daughters to enjoy it, but we also want it to be healthy too. It needs to be something fun, but useful or helpful. How are college parents supposed to find the perfect care package?

SWAK University Services creates great care packages for college students. They have a variety of options for parents to chose from. All their snack boxes come in peanut free, gluten free, and vegetarian options as well. Whether it’s stress relievers, healthy snack boxes, holiday packages, or exam specific care packages – they have it all!

Here are our favorite 6 care packages to send to college students:

Plush Stress Busters

Let’s be honest, no college kid is really too old for a “Chill Pill” pillow. The Plush Stress Buster also includes stuffed animal options – everything from monkeys, to teddy bears, to pretzels! These make great snuggle companions for when they are at college and when they return home. This is certain to put a smile on your son or daughter’s face. And especially during exam season, they need that smile!

Midterm Care Package

College students need extra encouragement during midterms. If you have a freshmen going through midterms for the first time in fall, it’s finals_care_packageeven more important to offer support and encouragement. This is a great way to send some love their way. There are also Fall Care Package and Spring Care Package options.

Back to School Care Packages

This care package is a great reminder for your son or daughter that you’re thinking of them as school starts again. The first thing they see is a card from your note of encouragement – perfect! No matter where they are in their college career, this is sure to be a winner care package.

Useful Stuff – Stress Buster

Send a fun care package of the “essentials.” Okay… maybe not all of them are essentials. From fly swatters, to rain ponchos, to lollipops, to fun flashlights, you’re absolutely going to find something your college student wants and needs. These are all useful and fun!

Birthday Care Packages

It goes without saying that birthday care packages are a must have! Complete with a three foot Birthday Banner, three Birthday Blow-outs, a jumbo flashing Birthday Pin, snacks, and more, these are perfect for every college student.

Anytime Care Packages

You don’t need an occasion to send some encouragement to your son or daughter! It’s always great to receive encouragement. The Coffee Break Care Package actually includes coffee, cookies, games, and more! A great reminder for college students to take a deep breath and smile.

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