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6 Spring Break Ideas for Your Family

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By Victoria Robertson, Uloop

Family time is so important and, once your student leaves for college, scarce. For this reason, planning family time in advance is in your best interest, especially when trying to spend time with your busy college student.

And what better time to spend with them than spring break? Your student gets an entire week off to come home and recuperate after a busy first half of the semester. This is the perfect opportunity for you to plan some fun, family time without worrying about coursework or timing.

So, in order to help you plan that desperately needed family time, here are six spring break ideas for your family.

1. Plan a weekend getaway

Some students don’t have a full break to dedicate to their family as they have trips with friends to consider as well. However, if you’re able to carve out a weekend prior to or following their plans, this is a great opportunity to take a quick weekend trip for the family.

You can go camping, take a road trip to a nearby waterpark for the weekend or even visit a spa for a relaxing weekend getaway that both you and your student will appreciate. Whatever the option, this is a relatively inexpensive way to spend a nice weekend with your student before they have to return to school.

2. Do something local

Local events can be a lot of fun and relatively inexpensive as well. Many families enjoy visiting local museums or seeing a play while others simply enjoy a walk on a nearby trail or picnic in the backyard. Whatever your cup of tea, there is an activity that you can do nearby that everyone will appreciate.

I recommend taking a look at upcoming events near you (even concerts can be a good time!) and determining which event not only fits your schedules, but also allows you that much-needed quality time you’ve been craving.

3. Schedule daily family time

If the budget is a little tight (as many are nowadays), there are plenty of things to do around the house to keep you and your family close and entertained. For instance, having movie nights or game nights can be fun for everyone (and you can switch off on who picks the movie/game).

If that’s too much of a commitment, you can always plan daily dinners where the whole family comes together before doing their own thing for the rest of the night. There’s an option out there that’s perfect for your family’s schedule, so determine how much time you have and plan accordingly!

4. Do something adventurous

If your family is more of the adventurous type, it’s a good idea to take a day trip for some more adventurous excursions. For instance, some families enjoy rock climbing or skydiving (both of which can be researched ahead of time to plan in advance), while others simply enjoy hiking or water sports.

Depending on your location’s weather and where you fall on the adventure scale, there are plenty of options out there to do something new while simultaneously spending time with your loved ones.

5. Host a party

If your college student can’t be separated from their friends, you can always offer to host a party as well. This is a great way to ensure you get the time you want with your student, but that they aren’t missing out either.

Some families enjoy potluck dinners or wine tasting parties (depending on your student’s age), and others simply host a movie marathon party with a theme to match. For added fun, look into murder mystery parties if you have the budget – they’re a blast!

No matter what the occasion, there’s always a reason for a party!

6. Take a vacation

Not all families have the budget for a family vacation, especially when they have a student (or more) in college. However, if you have saved up already and have the funds to do so, taking a family vacation during spring break is a great way to prevent pulling your student out of school and optimizing your relaxation time. Spring break isn’t just for college students – plenty of families enjoy spring break trips every year.

You can pick a local destination or travel the world – what truly matters is that you’re spending time with your family and making memories to last a lifetime!

College students lead busy lives; between coursework, internships and the “college experience,” it probably feels like you never see them. However, this spring break is the perfect opportunity to plan that much-needed family time for you and your student.

So either use one of these six spring break ideas or research some ideas on your own to have that perfect experience that your student will remember long after they graduate.

Time with your college student is so precious – make sure you’re using it wisely!

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