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9 Items to Include in Your End of Semester Care Package

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By Elana Goodwin, Uloop

It’s always fun to get mail (unless it’s a bill), especially when in college, but getting a care package is even more exciting. Receiving a care package at the perfect time — like towards the end of a semester — is better yet. So if you’re thinking of sending your student a care package for the end of the semester, here are some items you may want to include.

1. Caffeine

It’s basically a known fact that college students love and need their caffeine. Support their habit by sending coffee, tea, energy drinks, or espresso beans in your care package. If they have a certain flavor or brand of tea or coffee that they really like, send them that as they’ll appreciate it even more. The caffeine you send them will be instrumental in helping them stay up to study and won’t go to waste.

2. School supplies

When students get to the end of the semester, they may find themselves short on various school supplies they’ll want to have while studying for finals. Including different school supplies in your care package, like notecards, highlighters, sticky notes and tabs, pencils, ink cartridges, etc. will enable them to finish the semester strong and save them the trip and money to buy these supplies.

3. Snacks

When studying and writing papers at the end of the semester (or really any time throughout the semester), college students like to snack. Your student will love you forever and brag about your amazingness if you send them yummy snacks like Rice Krispies treats, homemade cookies, cereal, mints, gum, etc. Keep it healthy by sending trail mix and granola bars, along with ready-to-make classics like instant oatmeal, hot cocoa, and popcorn packages.

4. Water bottle or Thermal travel cup

Staying hydrated is super important and something your student may neglect if they get so involved in studying. Make it easier for them to drink by sending them a water bottle or thermal travel cup so they can fill and refill it whether they’re at home or on the go with whatever beverage they’re craving. You can even buy them a water bottle or travel cup that shows their school spirit by purchasing one that has their college’s name or emblem on it.

5. Socks

By the end of the semester, your student will have lost socks to the laundry machines, worn through heels or toes from use, or may pretty much only have dirty pairs left and no time to clean them. Help them out by sending them some socks in your care package. The socks can be spirit wear as well if you buy them in school colors or with the college’s logo on them. Otherwise just comfy, cute, or motivational socks will do the trick and be warmly received and worn.

6. Stress ball

The end of the semester is very stressful between finals, papers, grades, and possibly packing up or moving out of their dorm, apartment, or house. Show them you understand they’re under a lot of stress and want to give them an outlet for it by sending them a stress ball. Squeezing the ball can help them calm down, give them a way to feel better, or just be fun to grip or throw when they’re anxious.

7. Vitamins

Depending on your student’s eating habits, they may not be getting enough of certain vitamins. Keep them healthy by sending them some multivitamins or supplements in their care package. Most students could use supplements of vitamin B, C, and D, as well as Omega-3 but it’ll vary according to your student’s diet.

8. Toiletries

By the end of the semester, your student may be running low on their toiletry supply. You can save them a trip to the store and having to buy these items by sending them various often-used toiletry items they’ll need. Consider including chapstick, hand cream or lotion, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, soap, tissues, and cough drops in your care package. These items will also hopefully keep them from getting sick, too!

9. Personal letter

Of course, your student knows you care and you likely talk to them on the phone often while they’re at school. But including a personal letter of encouragement and pride with your care package will mean a lot to your student and let them know you are thinking of them and believe they’re going to do great on their upcoming tests and assignments. Plus, a cute or funny card will make their day, along with the assorted goodies you’ve sent them!

Sending a care package to your student towards the end of the semester is something they’ll appreciate and remember. Consider including some or all of the nine above-mentioned items in your care package and customize it according to your student’s likes and needs. Care packages really show you care and your student will definitely thank you.

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