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9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Sweden

When your son or daughter considers a master’s program, encourage them to also research programs abroad. Sweden offers a unique opportunity for students, especially those interested in pursuing a career in environmental sustainability, international relations, human rights, technology and more. Learn more about Sweden’s Master’s Programs. Here are 9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Sweden:

1) The Swedish university system is one of the best in the world.

Sweden is ranked among the top ten university systems by Universitas, the global network of research universities. As of 2016, the Swedish system is ranked 5th in the world. It even ranks above other English speaking countries including The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia!

2) Sweden is a leading the way for environmental sustainability programs.

If your son or daughter focuses on sustainable development, then Sweden is the perfect fit for them. Sweden combines the nation’s rich history in innovation, technological advancement and green policy initiatives. Sweden has been named one of the most sustainable countries in the world, and students will benefit from being directly emerged in hands-on experiences while surrounded by a network of experts. There is no doubt Sweden has strong expertise in this arena.

3) International students can legally work in the country while studying in Sweden.

One of the main barriers to studying abroad is the cost. Not only is tuition in Sweden affordable, but international students can work once they’ve received their student residence permit. That makes graduate school much more affordable and appealing to mid-level career professionals. However, it may be a good idea to start classes before adding work into the mix. A job would be an on-you-own addition to your studies. It’s important to make sure your commitments are manageable.

4) Swedish Universities are home to many noteworthy alumni and affiliated scholars.

These universities have incredible reputations. Swedish companies such as IKEA, H&M, Spotify, Volvo, and more are continuing to grow. These companies were founded by alumni of Swedish universities. Several Nobel Laureates come from these same universities as well. To learn more about universities in Sweden, click here.

5) Sweden is international-student friendly.

When you’re helping your son or daughter pick a location for study abroad, it is important to consider all aspects of a destination country as a student will be there for an average of two years. Sweden has an excellent reputation for work/life balance. It also has great public transportation, easy access to nature, and a high standard of living. There are so many extra-curricular and outdoor experiences that can be taken advantage of while living in Sweden. Don’t forget that it is also centrally located and flights to other European countries are usually quite affordable.

6) You don’t need to speak Swedish.

This makes Sweden a perfect study destination. Swedish Universities offer more than 1,000 degree programs in English which not only provides a lot of accessible options but also great opportunities for networking. In fact, Sweden consistently ranks in the top three in the world for English proficiency. While English isn’t their first language, it is widely spoken. Again, this will help your son or daughter feel more comfortable. Students can also take Swedish classes to gain further value from their overseas study.

7) Students will be academically challenged.

Swedish universities encourage students to achieve academic excellence. Students will be challenged to engage, speak their mind, and take their education into their own hands. Your son or daughter will focus on applying knowledge to make a real difference in the world. Theoretical knowledge will support practical training – skill sets that are both highly valued by today’s employers. Well rounded employees are often sought after and successful.

8) Sweden is known for equality and diversity.

Sweden is often referred to as the most equal country in the world. Progressive thinking is welcome and the country is on the forefront of new ideas. International students in Sweden will also learn how to interact with people with different ideas due the number of students from all over the world who enroll in its degree programs. Being educated in this framework will help students stand out from their peers and foster crucial career skills.

9) There is a good job market in Sweden.

Interested in tech? Sweden is called the Silicon Valley of Europe. There are numerous thriving start-ups who are looking for people to hire. While full-time work may require knowing a bit of Swedish, studying abroad in Sweden will help your student learn the language quickly and as mentioned above, English is widely spoken.

The next application date for studying in Sweden is Monday, January 16th. For more information about studying abroad in Sweden, click here. Also, check out Study in Sweden’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

Note: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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