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A parent’s unfailing support

Most members of Generation Y are finally getting out of that typical teenager stage of disliking their parents. As they move out on their own, Gen Y’ers are realizing just how much their parents did for them and are consciously trying to develop more positive relationships with their parents.

The realization that one’s parents really do care and want what’s best comes at a different time for everyone. For Gen Y’er Jennie White of Boston, that realization came in high school, after years of a stagnant relationship with her father. This 20 year-old student at Northeastern University had always thought he just didn’t understand and so she didn’t make much effort to communicate with him.

“I am the only girl out of the five, with three older brothers and one younger. For a while my dad didn’t have a clue what to do with me. He was used to baseball, I liked Barbies. His boys wore khakis, I changed my dress three times a day. Not only were my interests and fashion choices different, but so were my emotions. Compared to his boys, I was an emotional roller coaster. My dad’s lack of experience when it came to daughters, mixed with my emotional craziness, created a void between us. We didn’t know how to communicate with each other. I relied a lot on my mom and my girlfriends. My relationship with my dad came to a standstill.”

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Story courtesy Sharalyn Hartwell, of the Gen Y Examiner.

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