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Apartment Décor: Why and How Students Should Coordinate With Their Roommates

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By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop

When it comes to decorating a dorm room or apartment, your student will want to consult and coordinate with their roommate before showing up. While there’s really no reason or need for your student’s bedding or other décor to match those of their roommate’s, they’ll still want to have an idea of what their roommate’s palate is like and what they can expect their college home to look like.

Here is why your student should coordinate with their roommate and some tips on how to do so.

Find similarities

Before your student starts deciding what kind of décor they want, they should reach out to their roommate or roommates to find some common ground. Have them discuss patterns to find one they both like or can agree on, pick a color palette, or just figure out their individual styles.

By coordinating with their roommate, your student may find they both favor the same patterns, colors, or overall décor style. If this is the case, their decorating job just got much easier and they can bond with their roommate over planning the room décor and not worry overly much about really coordinating their décor.

Your student will be living in their dorm, apartment, or house for at least a year so it’s important they do not feel like they are battling with their co-habitants about décor and instead are both happy with the way their home looks — which is why coordinating ahead of time is such a good idea.

Go for complimentary colors

If your student has a favorite color and is going to utilize that color when it comes to decorating, it is not a bad idea for them to reach out to their roommate and find out what their favorite color is or what kinds of colors their room items will be. The colors do not have to be the same but if possible, should be complimentary so the overall room will not look like the items are competing with each other and this way, some shared items can be a combination of both colors that your student and their roommate like.

Even if your student does coordinate with their roommate, they may find that the roommate is planning to bring a certain color or pattern with them in their decorating that your student does not like — and that’s okay. Simply knowing ahead of time what is to be expected will allow your student time to get used to the idea and go forward with their own decorating tastes so they will at least be happy with their side of the room or their space.

Use colors and patterns

Embracing bright colors and patterns when your student will be coordinating their décor with a roommate will make it easier if both have different styles when it comes to decorating. They can mix and match patterns and colors to allow both of them to be happy with the room.

If your student likes flowers and their roommate likes stripes, encourage your student to pick a few flowery things they really like in their style and then coordinate with their roommate to figure out how to blend them together with their roommate’s striped objects.

Whatever your student’s décor tastes may be, if they can’t come to an agreement with their roommate on how decorating their dorm, apartment, or house should go, mixing and matching is a good compromise so the décor doesn’t clash but rather sort of balances each other’s.

Split up

If your student finds that their style and their roommate’s really just do not blend, have them consider dividing up the shared spaces so each of them is responsible for decorating a different room or part of the room. If your student is going to be living in an apartment or house and will have a room of their own, they can really go all out when it comes to choosing décor for their own space.

However, they should try to compromise or divide and conquer when it comes to the rest of the place so both they and their roommate can put their stamp on their home. Your student can also consider taking turns and swapping decor — such as accessories, blankets, prints, posters, etc. — each season or semester. This way, both students will get to really decorate the room how they want for a period of time and it will feel as if the dorm, apartment, or house gets a little makeover on a frequent basis.

Use these tips to advise your student about consulting and coordinating with their roommate on décor before they move into their college home this fall. By communicating and getting to know one another better, your student should hopefully be able to find common ground or compromise about decorating with their roommate and will look forward to move-in day that much more.

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