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College Parents: How to Maximize Family Time With Your Student Over The Summer Break

Your student is home for the summer, and there’s so much you want to do with them during their time off.  Though you expect to have your student at home a majority of the summer, they most likely have set plans to meet up with friends or have even picked up a summer job. Since their time spent at home is limited, here are some ways to maximize your time while they are home for summer, and get some quality time between college parents and their student home from college.

Make Their Favorite Meal

If they are constantly out the door during their summer break, and spending most evenings out with friends, then volunteer to have their favorite meal one night a week. Ask them the night that works for them, and have them choose what they wish to eat. Their favorite meal will surely get them home for at least one dinner.

Plan A Fun Activity

Since your student has been away at school, the family has not been able to do things together as frequently. This is why it is beneficial to plan a day when they are home to spend some quality time together as a family. Ways to maximize time with students over the break is to choose an activity the whole family would enjoy, whether it is going to the beach, a sports game or to the movie, and then enjoy a dinner together afterwards reminiscing about fun memories.

Schedule A Time For Errands

Your student most likely needs to run errands before heading back to school, so ask to tag along to give a helping hand if needed. This will be a good time to go shopping for back to school supplies, as well as pick up some new clothes. By making a day out of it, you will get some quality time with them and get all tasks done.

Be Involved

Ask about the their curriculum and schedule for next semester, and help them choose courses if they need guidance. Be sure to ask about the other aspects of their college life. Inquire about their friends as well as their extracurricular activities. If they are involved in Greek life, discuss their experience so far, and the people they have met. Having them know you are interested, this will make them be keener to come to you for advice.

Your student has a lot going on between friends and school, but it is essential to have quality time with them and as an entire family during the summer.

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