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Dallas Date Nights Definitely Doable On a College Student Budget

By Elana Goodwin, The Ohio State University

If your college student lives in or goes to school in Dallas and is going to be dating, they shouldn’t be hitting you up for too much cash. Why? Well, apparently Dallas is one of the most affordable cities for date night, according to a recent press release.

The Council for Community and Economic Research released data from their Second Quarter 2017 Cost of Living Index for Dallas which found that it was cheaper to go out on a nice date in Dallas than it was in most other major metropolitan cities in the U.S. That means whether your child’s idea of a nice date is doing pizza and a movie or going out to drinks, because they live in or go to college in Dallas, they should find that date night is much more affordable for them than for students living elsewhere.

According to the data, the cost of getting a haircut in Dallas was about $26 and going to the beauty salon cost about $48. While that’s higher than some cities — take, for example, Atlanta, where the cost was $20 for a haircut and $45 for a visit to the beauty salon — it’s comparable or less than others. In Miami, the associated costs were about $14 and $76; in DC, the costs were $24 and $74; and in Manhattan, the costs were $23 and $65, for a haircut or beauty salon visit respectively.

Moving on to the food portion of the date, a hamburger cost about $4.10 in Dallas, compared to $3.69 in Atlanta, $4.19 in Miami, $4.79 in DC, and $5.44 in Manhattan. Pizza in Dallas ran about $8.35, which is lower than the $8.84 in Atlanta, $8.99 in Miami, $10.99 in DC, and $11.99 in Manhattan. Movie tickets also cost less in Dallas, coming in at $9.96 versus the roughly $15 in Atlanta, $12 in Miami, $13 in DC, and $16 in Manhattan.

Beer and wine are also the least expensive in Dallas according to the 2017 Cost of Living Index, which stated that in Dallas a six-pack of beer was $8.74 and a bottle of wine was $7.11 on average. Comparatively, in Atlanta the costs were $9.29 and $7.91; in Miami, they were $9.69 and $7.21; in DC, they were $9.99 and $8.99; and in Manhattan, they were $11.99 and $11.99 for a six-pack and bottle of wine respectively.

Even Ibuprofen costs less in Dallas as opposed to other major cities at only $7.31 versus $9.49 in Atlanta, $11.09 in Miami, $10.99 in DC, and $12.88 in Manhattan.

Plus, in order to afford date night, your student needs a job (unless you’re going to pay for their dating experiences) — and as it happens, Dallas has been a top-three metro area for job growth going on four years now, according to the Department of Labor Statistics. Dallas residents bring home more money than people in most other states, thanks to no income taxes.

So if you are a parent of a college student living or attending school in Dallas, you shouldn’t have to help pay for your child’s date nights; Dallas living really makes it affordable for them to fund on their own.

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