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Encourage Your College Student to Get Involved With These Clubs & Organizations

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By Elana Goodwin, Uloop

A big part of college life takes place outside of the classroom and universities offer a wide variety of clubs and organizations for students to get involved with. Joining clubs and groups at school offers students the opportunity to meet and connect with other students and the community, have fun, and potentially make a difference or gain leadership skills.

Here are some of the clubs and organizations you should encourage your student to get involved with in college.


If your student is interested in an activity specifically or has a hobby, there is bound to be a club associated with that endeavor. Most schools have clubs devoted to dancing, singing, music, writing, drama, computers, reading, photography, sports, and more.

Your child will enjoy being a part of a club whose focus is something they’re passionate about and they will also be able to easily connect with other students in the group as they have this shared interest. Additionally, joining a group that is interest-related will provide your student with a good outlet and fun extra-curricular to be involved in after classes, studying, etc., and give them a way to kind of relax.


All colleges have organizations devoted to different religions — whether your family’s faith is Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, etc. — and those can be a great type of group for your student to join on campus. Being a part of a religious club will provide them the opportunity to meet others who share their faith and can help facilitate friendships. Additionally, by meeting others who practice the same religion, your student may find people they can go to prayers or religious events with, rather than feeling like they have to attend by themselves if they want to go.


Just as your student can join a club based on their religion, they can also join one based on their race or ethnicity. For example, if your family is Asian, Black, Latina, or some other minority, there may be a club related to that ethnicity. These can be good organizations for your student to join as it will help connect them with others from similar backgrounds and cultures who deal with the same issues or have comparable life experiences as your student. These connections can then blossom into friendships and help your student start to build a network.


Students in a certain department can usually find a club associated with that department or the area of study specifically that they are pursuing. These types of clubs are great for students to join as many of the group members will be students they end up in classes with as they all pursue the same major or have majors located within the same department at the university.

Meeting fellow students outside class can then make it easier to pave the way for these familiar faces to become actual friends who hang out outside the classroom. Additionally, making connections with others in the same department will be great networking contacts to have down the line.


There are a lot of clubs dedicated to volunteering and giving back in some way to the local community — and these are great and meaningful organizations to encourage your student to join. These community-related clubs are often more narrowly focused on a specific issue or organization — such as social justice, literacy, homelessness, cancer awareness, etc. — so if your student is passionate about a certain cause, they can look into joining a club that focuses on that area in regards to volunteering.

These clubs will organize volunteering opportunities for club members that are a great way for your student to give back to the community and really put their money where their mouth is in terms of actually doing something proactive about the cause they are interested in.

These types of clubs are all great kinds of organizations to encourage your student to get involved with and joining groups on campus offers all sorts of benefits. Not only are they resume-builders, but joining campus organizations helps them become connected to their school and local community as well as develop friendships, and discover new interests and gain new abilities. Plus, oftentimes the busier a student is, the more productive and successful they are on all fronts as they master time management and have a better work-life balance.

Encourage your student to check out what kinds of clubs and organizations are offered through their school — and if they find there’s a niche for some other type of club that’s not currently offered, they should look into starting a club of their own through the school!

Joining campus groups is a big part of having a full and diverse college experience so urge your child to peruse their school’s club offerings and pick some groups to be a member of!

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