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Experience Revolutionary Video Streaming With Rhinobird

By: Danielle Wirsansky, Florida State University

Video streaming with friends makes up a large part of your student’s college experience. The ability to share in the moment of a special event with your college buddies creates lasting memories.

A Cambridge-based company, Rhinobird, is taking the media industry by storm by transforming how viewers can experience events by watching videos and live-streams, according to a recent press release. Their latest innovation to add to the industry is called ‘MAV,’ multi-angle video. It’s set up as a video player that continually plays multiple videos or live-streams simultaneously, which allows the user the opportunity to swap between video and audio source. The viewer gets to take control of their own experience with seamless transitions, and with little to no delay.

However, even this innovation was not enough for Rhinobird, who wanted to completely rehaul the online viewer’s experience. They have also incorporated the ability to sync, coordinate, and organize hundreds of videos and live-streams. By using a plethora of different techniques, including meta data analysis and machine learning, the company has uncovered a unique way to unearth and orchestrate videos whether they have been posted directly to the platform or published via Youtube or Facebook. This allows viewers to play all videos of the same event they are interested in, whether they are live or not live, all flawlessly timed and within a single player box. And it cuts down other distractions by removing the need for additional search or time-consuming editing.

The company’s name was inspired by the symbiotic relationship that can be found between two very different species who still find themselves mutually dependent on each other. Just like the rhinoceros and the oxpecker bird, this new media platform is using collaboration to bring video to an entirely unprecedented interactive level.

Rhinobird’s CEO Felipe Heusser explained the following in the release.

“We have found a way to present video in an entirely different way; it’s no longer a linear piece you play and sit back to watch, but a medium in which you interact, take control, and eventually take part in by contributing your own angle into the experience.”

Rhinobird’s approach is innovative to the field simply because it is a completely unique approach to a media platform where videos are ‘never-ending’ and in ‘constant evolution.’ This allows viewers to offer up their own angles into the MAV and become part of the overall experience, even after the MAV has been published. Users are able to get hands on into the experience by sharing their own contributions.

Starting this week, the app will be available for iOS users and on the Web at A native Android version of the app is coming soon.

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