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First Generation College Students: Preparing for College

It can be daunting for a student to become the first person in their immediate family to attend a college. Without help from family members, they might not know where to begin the college planning process, much less know what to expect once they get to college. The following information should give you and your student a better understanding of the navigating the college experience and help ease your student’s anxiety of being a first generation college student.

Planning for college is often more difficult for first generation college students because they probably don’t have assistance from a knowledgeable family member. If your student needs help with the college planning process, here are some tips:

  • Leverage high school counselors to answer any questions about the different aspects of college planning.
  • Look for outreach programs that can provide mentoring services to help them prepare for college.
  • As a parent, stay involved in the process. Since planning for college will be a new experience for both of you, you should stay informed about what needs to be done.
  • Attend a financial aid workshop and begin exploring financial aid options

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