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How your Student can Harness Spring Fever

Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and a plummeting sense of motivation for many college students. Help your student consider these tips to get to the end of the semester with a good GPA still intact.

Stick to a schedule

There may be more hours of daylight in spring, but that doesn’t mean there are more hours in a day. In order to enjoy a game of Ultimate Frisbee and still be prepared for tomorrow’s quiz, your student will need to be more structured with time. Encourage him to set aside a block of time to study every day and to consider waking up earlier to get the day started sooner. With an earlier sunrise, getting out of bed might be easier than it was in the dreary, cold months, and an energetic start to the day might just make for a productive day.

Work hard and play hard

Springtime can be the best time to live on campus or be in college. Cookouts and BBQs, study groups outside, pick-up games on campus; encourage your student to enjoy it all. Allow your student to find the balance between work and play, which might take some time and even a few poor grades. This lesson is one that will follow him through life: How to work hard and enjoy life at the same time.

Don’t fight it

Some students might look at their syllabi and finals schedule and sentence themselves to the library for the remainder of the semester. But Spring Fever doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Spending leisure time outdoors, soaking up some sun (and Vitamin D), and giving the eyes a break from the flickering laptop screen can help improve academic performance. If the looming end-of-semester stresses are overwhelming for your student, suggest that he review for a test outside under a tree, memorize note cards on a walk around campus, or spread out with his study group on picnic tables outside.

Plan a trip

For some students, the only cure for Spring Fever is Spring Break. For parents, this colossal week can present myriad worries: how much will it cost, how safe will it be, who will be with you, how far will you go, etc. However, this is a good chance to let your student exercise independence, and planning a trip might help him direct his Spring Fever tendencies toward a week in the future and give him motivation to work hard until then.

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